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The future of FAST channels  is here.

As consumer expectations evolve and the market for FAST (Free Ad-Supported Television) channels is quickly becoming saturated, delivering a seamless and personalized user experience becomes absolutely crucial. FAST platforms must continually enhance their interfaces, recommendation algorithms, and content libraries to retain viewership and stand out from the video streaming crowd. At Accedo, we have long-standing experience in consulting global content providers in how to set and execute effective distribution, user acquisition and monetization strategies. Whether it is about exploring innovative ad formats such as interactive product placements, or turning your FAST channel into an effective user acquisition vehicle, we will work with you every step of the way to pioneer the future of ad-funded television services.

Maximize content discovery for your FAST channel.

As the number of FAST channels proliferates, your company has to place ample emphasis on discoverability and enhanced user experience. Through continuous refinement of content curation algorithms and strategic partnerships for exclusive content acquisition, you can solidify your FAST channel’s position in the streaming market while delivering unparalleled viewing experiences to audiences worldwide. Our global teams bring nuanced experience on how to leverage algorithms and user data analytics to tailor content recommendations to individual preferences, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction - ultimately making your FAST channel a more attractive choice for viewers favoring a linear TV experience.

Leverage your FAST channel as a viewer acquisition strategy.

It is time to start thinking of your FAST channel as not just a monetization strategy but also an effective  method for new customer acquisition. Since FAST channels are typically free for users, they offer a low barrier to entry, making them attractive to a wide audience that may not have interacted with your brand before. We can equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to cross-promote your subscription-based content or premium features, strategically integrating promotions and recommendations within your FAST channel experience to drive conversions and upsell your users to explore other parts of your video streaming service offering.

Experiment with interactive ad formats for a premium FAST experience.

In order to provide your users with a truly engaging and premium FAST viewing experience, it is time to start experimenting with interactive ad formats that are both interesting and useful from a customer perspective. Not only does this lead to greater user satisfaction, but it also offers advertisers diverse engagement opportunities that span the entire marketing funnel. Our expert consultancy team will help you strategize and unlock these new transformative ad experiences that will help you set your FAST channel apart, leading to heightened user engagement as well as expanded avenues for monetization across all aspects of your video service.

Accedo and AWS

Working together to transform the FAST channel experience.

With two decades of specialist OTT expertise, Accedo pioneers strategies and solutions that help streaming services keep up with changing market dynamics, on top of AWS innovative and scalable infrastructure. From creating your FAST channel leveraging AWS Elemental MediaLive and Amazon CloudFront, powered by AWS Elemental MediaTailor for SSAI, to optimizing its performance thanks to our 360 observability strategy working with the FAST platforms, Accedo and AWS will work backwards from your business goals to deliver the right solution to maximize business value creation.

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What does the future of FAST channels look like?

For video services seeking expansion, reassessing things like platform targeting and acquisition strategies is crucial to achieve long-term success. FAST channels offer opportunities to reach new audiences, test editorial strategies, and explore new platforms and geographies. However, the FAST ecosystem lacks standardization in ad formats, metadata, and crucially, data for effective content performance analysis. Download the latest AWS ebook, featuring Accedo, to learn more about how to navigate this quickly evolving landscape to drive real impact for your business.

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