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Engage fans and unlock new revenue streams with video-centric solutions.


Digital and OTT solutions specifically designed for sports.

Leverage the power of video to engage fans and maximize ROI across your digital product portfolio. We have taken our long-standing experience in media and entertainment to construct a broad suite of specialist video-centric solutions that empower sports organizations to attract new audiences and maximize digital revenue streams

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Use video to maximize your marketing impact.

Take a data-led approach to video marketing across your brand’s social  channels, to truly understand what excites and engages fans. Our specialist consultancy offering combines data and UX expertise to enable sports rights holders to quickly respond to audience insights and maximize ROI across their portfolio.

Provide a seamless digital path to purchase for fans.

Create a integrated video shopping experience for fans that allows them to explore and purchase the products advertised while still interacting with your brand. Our suite of sports-centric solutions, in combination with our extensive partner network, gives you everything you need to easily monetize your digital assets.

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Build, launch and grow your own OTT service.

Design, build and deliver your own uniquely branded video streaming platform, enabling you to maximize fan impact while unlocking new revenue streams. Whether you are looking to launch a new OTT service, or optimize an existing offering, we can support you with end-to-end solutions and expertise specific to the sports vertical.

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xtend sports

Engage your fans beyond video.

Extended reality solution that help sports organizations create immersive experiences and expand their brands into the metaverse.

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