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Video-centric solutions that shape the future of OTT streaming.

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Bring immersive spatial computing experiences to existing video applications.

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Easily build and manage Cloud-based OTT video applications.

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Assess and improve the performance of your OTT streaming service.

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We unlock new opportunities for OTT streaming growth.

At Accedo, we combine two decades of profound business knowledge with innovative thinking to excel in video streaming user design and app development, leveraging our rich history as pioneers in the OTT industry.
This mindset enables us to push boundaries and drive discovery to empower the world’s most impactful video-centric experiences.

HOW WE work

Aligning your video business goals with the OTT streaming market.

No matter who you are or what you need, we can help you realize your goals at every stage of the video business journey - from strategy and conception to delivery and post-launch optimization.

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what we offer

video solutions, for all.

What if you could build your own streaming service or grow your video business in an instant? We have encapsulated almost two decades of specialist experience into a range of powerful OTT and video application offerings that are perfectly tailored to different industries and business objectives.


We are where your customers are.

Our expertise and technology offering cover all major OTT platforms and devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Comcast X1, Vizio SmartCast, LG webOS, Samsung Tizen OS, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, and more. We build all things OTT from mobile and web to CTV and Smart TV apps, offering a suite of powerful end-to-end solutions that encompass UX design, app development, quality assurance, and service deployment to set your video business up for growth in the long term.

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State-of-the-art OTT app builder with no code.

Accedo One is an award-winning video SaaS platform that enables you to quickly create OTT applications across all major platforms.

Be in good company

We are proud to work with many of the leading OTT service providers and content owners across a variety of industries, empowering them to deliver world-class video experiences on a global scale.

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We put our people first and extraordinary things happen.

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What does the future of FAST channels look like?

For video services looking to expand, it's essential to reassess platform targeting and acquisition strategies for long-term success. FAST channels provide opportunities to reach new audiences, test editorial strategies, and explore new platforms and geographies. However, the FAST ecosystem lacks standardization in ad formats, metadata, and content performance data. Download the latest AWS ebook, featuring Accedo, to learn how to navigate this evolving landscape and drive real impact for your business.

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