20 years of video innovation.

The story of Accedo.

At Accedo, we’ve spent the last two decades pioneering many of the world’ leading video-centric experiences. Today we leverage our longstanding experience and belief in constant evolution to empower a new generation of thinkers to ideate, create, and innovate while having fun on the way.

Accedo is born.
The company is founded in Stockholm by Michael Lantz and Fredrik Andersson on the back of a simple observation: emerging technologies will transform how people consume TV, and video service providers will struggle to keep up with this new landscape.

"We knew that if every living room was soon to be connected to high speed internet, things needed to change.”

Fredrik Andersson, SVP Product and Co-Founder of Accedo

First product and customer launch.
Accedo launches its first of many products, called the Accedo Application Provisioning Solution, coinciding with the first commercial customer deployment on behalf of Canal Digital in the Nordics.
Taking the step into OTT.
As the market kept evolving at a rapid pace, Smart TV was identified as the logical next step after IPTC, accelerating the company shift towards developing for platforms like Philips and Samsung.

"Anyone who is providing content in TV today needs to adapt to this new environment by providing selections of their broadcast experience over the top devices, and over internet enabled Smart TVs.”

Michael Lantz, CEO and Co-Founder of Accedo

Moving into mobile app development.
The introduction of mobile application development meant that Accedo could now offer true multi-platform coverage, enabling acceleration of several large customer engagements, including large deployments for Orange and DTAG AAS.
Marking 10 years in business.
The company celebrates its one-decade milestone, exceeding 200 employees across eight locations, including Stockholm, London, Madrid, Budapest, Hong Kong, Palo Alto, Santiago de Chile and Sydney.
Accedo acquired Digiflare.
Merger with Digiflare, a Canadian OTT app developer with about 50 employees, taking Accedo above 400 employees and significantly accelerating the company’s growth in the North American market.

"Having competed with Accedo for years, particularly in the North American market, we always respected their professionalism and conduct. After Digiflare merged with Accedo, and we started collaborating with Michael, Fredrik, and the broader team, our respect evolved into genuine camaraderie. As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, join them! We believe the Digiflare merger helped accelerate Accedo's North American strategy and provided a significant operational advantage in this market.”

Mrugesh Desai, VP North America at Accedo

First Virtual Reality deployment.
Next-generation technologies start to play a role in Accedo’s offering portfolio, enabling us to build and deploy Magenta Musik: an innovative music service leveraging early VR technologies for participation in music concerts together with long-standing customer Deutsche Telekom.
Official launch of Accedo One.
The company significantly accelerates its product business with the formal roll-out of our SaaS platform, Accedo One, a cloud-based solution that enables media companies to quickly and cost-effectively configure, launch and manage their own OTT streaming services.
Top 20% Sustainable ICT Company.
Ecovadis, a leading sustainability rating agency, assesses Accedo's level of sustainability and rates us in the top 20% of organizations examined globally - a key achievement in the light of the company's work to become a key driver of sustainable change in the video streaming industry.
Acquisition of Hibox.
In order to accelerate Accedo’s capacity to serve customers in the hospitality and healthcare verticals, the company joins forces with Hibox, a Finland-based provider of advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for consumers and commercial applications.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with the highly talented Hibox team. Their world class products deliver great customer value and we can’t wait to present our joint solutions to the market.”

Michael Lantz, CEO and Co-Founder of Accedo

Acquisition of eyecandylab.
Accedo acquires Emmy-nominated provider of innovative extended reality solutions, eyecandylab, significantly accelerating the company’s ability to help customers leverage the potential of new innovative use cases for XR, regardless of platform or industry.
Celebrating 20 years of video innovations.
The acquisition of Easel TV strengthens the product side of our business while the official roll-out of our Managed Services offering enables us to better serve our customers in a quickly evolving and ever so competitive market.

"Accedo, with its strong brand, global scale and world class technical expertise, is the ideal partner for us and we look forward to continuing to grow together with the their team.”

Joe Foster, Founder of EaselTv

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