Accedo Xtend Solution

Monetize and engage your audience beyond video.


What is Accedo Xtend?

Engage your audience with next-level immersive experiences while unlocking new revenue streams through the creation of sponsored interactions and ad placements. The Accedo Xtend solution enables operators, rights holders and broadcasters to effortlessly create powerful spatial computing experiences using existing web-based applications.

Kick-start your XR journey.

There is no need to hire a team of developers and designers or to create an expensive platform from scratch. Accedo Xtend works with your existing web-based video applications, and makes them the centerpiece of your spatial computing experience, adding relevant modules that complement your video content with immersive use cases.

Manage your immersive experiences.

Accedo Xtend is all managed by a remote CMS, allowing you to easily launch and test new features in a fast, seamless and cost-effective way. This removes the need to invest in a large team of immersive experience experts, as content editors can take control of the application and edit branding and layout from the CMS.

One modular solution to serve all your XR needs.

We guide you on your spatial computing journey.

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