QoS monitoring and advanced analytics for OTT video services.

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Aggregated platform for OTT service performance and user insight.

In light of the increased competition faced by today’s video streaming providers, it's clear that mastering the art of observability in OTT service optimization is not just beneficial—it's an essential element for success. Built on top of New Relic’s award-winning all-in-one observability platform, the Accedo Insights solution provides video service providers with comprehensive insights on performance and user experience, through real-time monitoring and advanced analytics. It empowers video businesses of all shapes and sizes by examining key components of their services’ infrastructures, end-user applications operations, and overarching video performance, providing real-time insights into key metrics such as host process monitoring, host resource monitoring, video app load times, and connection buffering ratio.

Ensure OTT user retention with a data-led approach to service excellence.

By implementing a dynamic Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring and analysis platform, you are able to respond to issues in quality and experience before they have a negative impact on the end user, hence leading to greater customer affinity and retention. Accedo Insights enables video service providers to instantly identify performance issues via automated notifications, an extensive analytics dashboard for customers, and round-the-clock support from the Accedo Service Management team. Moreover, detailed analytics on API response durations, user device latency, video performance metrics, crash reports, and various crucial performance indicators are monitored to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your video service.

Streamline operational efficiencies with an aggregated view of service performance.

By working with a trusted OTT observability partner, you will get access to a powerful lens through which you can achieve streamlined operational efficiencies and elevate the delivery of your video streaming service. Accedo Insights is more than just a solution; it is a dedicated managed service that empowers you with the deep insight and expert advice needed to quickly identify and resolve potential issues before they have a negative impact on your operations. By leveraging detailed analytics on user engagement, service performance, and system health, you will be able to make data-driven decisions that help optimize resource allocation, enhance content delivery, and tailor your services to meet the evolving needs of your audience.

Why is data-driven OTT excellence such a tough nut to crack?

Observability and QoS monitoring are necessary elements for driving holistic service success, enabling OTT service providers to always remain one step ahead of the game. By taking a responsive rather than a reactive approach, video companies can ensure that they make data-driven decisions with regards to service optimization, without risking infringement on the end user experience. So why are many video streaming businesses still struggling with taking a data-driven approach to OTT service optimization?

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End-to-end solution for operating and enhancing your OTT service.

A comprehensive observability offering for OTT optimization.

Accedo Insights provide an aggregated view of all relevant video service performance metrics, taking a 360 degree approach to OTT optimization.


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