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A modern and customer-centric OTT Managed Service offering.

Amidst a quickly evolving and highly competitive media landscape, consumer expectations of OTT video services are at an all time high. Global churn rates are nearing the 50% mark and industry focus has shifted from acceleration at any cost to a business strategy centered around profitable growth. Accedo recognizes these challenges and offers a next-generation Managed Service offering for OTT businesses that puts user experience front and center, while managing and optimizing the end-to-end video service on your behalf. By taking complete ownership of operating and enhancing your video streaming service - meticulously assessing, streamling, and optimizing everything from your technology stack and product roadmap to people and processes - we will give you the freedom to tighten your own focus on key business activities.

Best-of-breed in all aspects of your OTT streaming service.

Most traditional Managed Service offerings lock you into leveraging one vendor for all tools and aspects required under an end-to-end agreement. We offer a modern and customer-centric alternative, where you will benefit from the flexibility of working with the leading technology providers needed in each part of the video ecosystem, brought together and managed by a single vendor. Not only does this lead to a higher and more consistent level of quality throughout your OTT service offering, but it also comes with the benefit of having one point of contact and  single responsible party - the best of both worlds.

Lower churn rates and higher engagement for video service success.

Decisions related to OTT technology and video business operations will always be at the core of Managed Service discussions but these optimizations cannot be done at expense of the end user experience. Based on our two decades of building and deploying video experiences for many of the world's leading OTT services, we know to put the audience at the center of all our solutions, based on the conviction that even the most complex technology and operations decision starts and ends with the end user of a video streaming service. By continuously experimenting on how to evolve your offering we can ensure a true competitive edge - today and as the market evolves.

OTT service optimizations with the entire business in mind.

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end solution that brings the right video technology to the table, as well as a deep understanding of the media industry and OTT vendor ecosystem. By looking at your service and how to optimize it from a holistic business perspective, we will not just be able to bring measurable cost efficiencies, but also make sure that all optimizations contribute to your overarching strategy and objectives. This includes streamlining everything from tools and vendor integrations to enhancing matters related to people and processes, providing you with an end-to-end offering that drives value beyond just the back-end tech stack.

Unlocking true business value for the world’s leading OTT services.

Accedo was founded in 2004 amidst the premise that “if every living room was soon to be connected to high-speed internet, things had to change''. Twenty years later, we have designed, built and deployed hundreds of award-winning video experiences for some of the world’s leading streaming service providers. We offer a broad suite of video-centric solutions that covers a vast array of OTT streaming use cases, with a focus on user experience excellence and innovation. This, in combination with our extensive and long-standing network of technology partners from across the OTT ecosystem, means that we are able to provide a UX-driven end-to-end offering, leveraging value-driven solutions in a single holistic package covering all aspects of running and growing a competitive video business.

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We are proud to work with many of the leading OTT service providers and content owners across a variety of industries, empowering them to deliver world-class video experiences on a global scale.

End-to-end solution for operating and enhancing your OTT service.

End-to-end solution for operating and enhancing your OTT service.


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