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Best-of-breed OTT video solutions for every business objective.

The OTT video landscape keeps evolving and your streaming service must too. Whether you are looking to build an entirely new OTT video offering or grow and optimize an existing business, we offer a combination of flexible solutions and unparalleled industry expertise that will help you set the bar for the future of OTT video streaming. Our proven track record and longstanding history of working alongside the world's premier media and entertainment companies underpins our ability to deliver award-winning OTT solutions that meet your unique business needs and goals, supporting you through every stage of the video streaming service growth journey.

Empowering the world’s leading media companies.

Over the past 20 years, we have worked with hundreds of media and entertainment businesses on a global scale, helping them deliver engaging OTT experiences that attract and retain users.

Trusted partner for all your video streaming needs.

Finding, selecting and managing all pieces of the video streaming technology puzzle can be a complex task that delays deployment and requires ongoing focus and investment. We deliver a range of end-to-end OTT solutions by bringing together a comprehensive ecosystem of leading technology partners and services, tailored to your unique business requirements. As your single point of contact and one strategic partner, we reduce the complexity of building and maintaining a successful OTT video business, ensuring that every facet of your streaming service is finely tuned for success - now and as the market and your needs evolve. The result is a streamlined operational setup that lets you focus your time and effort on other business-critical aspects of running a competitive OTT streaming service.

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Flexible OTT solutions that grow with your service.

In an industry where things move quicker than ever, the ability to quickly respond to changing market dynamics is essential for survival. We provide flexible and agile technology solutions that not only integrate seamlessly with your current setup and business strategy but also evolve with you as your video streaming needs change. Our offerings are designed to kick-start your OTT journey while laying a scalable foundation for future growth, including international expansion and the seamless addition of new features, experiences and platforms. Leveraging our global scale and regional expertise, we adapt to your evolving needs through a mix of framework-based solutions and expert bespoke services.

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State-of-the-art UX that attracts and retains users.

Today’s users of OTT services are presented with a close to an unlimited plethora of choice, making user experience a key driver of sustainable service success. As long-standing leaders in front-end OTT app development, we understand that everything starts and ends with the end users of a streaming service, and our solutions and services are crafted to always ensure a best-in-class user experience across all streaming devices and touchpoints. By diving into the nuances of your unique business goals and audience behaviors, we craft bespoke UX strategies that resonate across all screens. We combine market-leading OTT system integration with profound UX design expertise, enabling you to optimize every interaction, enhance user engagement, and maximize satisfaction in a way that builds loyalty and boosts OTT user retention.

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Solid analytics and QoS monitoring for OTT performance excellence.

As OTT user expectations continue to increase, understanding both audience behavior and service performance has become necessary for success. Our analytics and QoS monitoring solution empowers you to make informed decisions based on aggregated real-time data, identifying and solving critical issues before they have a negative impact on the user experience. Through a combination of automated notifications, a comprehensive performance dashboard, and 24/7 dedicated support from the Accedo Service Management team, you can ensure performance excellence in all aspects of your OTT service, including app performance, playback quality, infrastructure performance, user experience, and more.

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OTT innovation that sets your video service apart.

The video streaming industry is constantly evolving in response to changing audience behaviors and new technological advancements. Our commitment to innovation, R&D and user-centric research enables us to stay on top of OTT video trends and deliver next-generation video solutions, incorporating the latest Extended Reality (XR) technologies. Our teams will provide you with the tools and knowledge to experiment and implement innovative features to stay ahead of the curve, without the need for large upfront investments. This approach enables you to start small, run experiments and prove your XR video business case before making business critical changes to your video streaming service.

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Need help to assess the health of your OTT streaming service?

Several factors contribute to the success of a video streaming service and many relate to how audiences perceive its functionality, accessibility and ability to deliver an engaging user experience. Accedo Healthcheck is a specialist consultancy offering that audits the health and viewing experience of your OTT applications, looking at over 100 metrics to deliver a comprehensive view of their current performance as well as providing actionable insights for how to improve.

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Support throughout the video streaming business journey.

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