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Designing for Gen Z

Annie Gasparich

Product Designer

June 11, 2024


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Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or ‘Zoomers’, is a term used to describe the generation of people born between 1997 and 2021. Digital natives, this generation are very comfortable and familiar with the internet and technology, having grown up with the internet as part of their daily lives. This makes them an extremely tech savvy cohort, vocal and connected through social media. 

Within the media and streaming industry, this generation is a large consumer, with 71% of Gen Z watching more than three hours of online videos daily (Mediakix). This makes them a valuable consumer for the video streaming industry, and a market we believe should be of focus for businesses globally. 

It’s incredibly important to know exactly how to cater for the high expectations of quality, UX, UI and overall needs when it comes to using a digital product, making them a key market of focus.

We have researched and outlined 7 key areas in which we believe you can make your offering attract, engage and foster the valuable Gen Z market. Download the full report to read our recommendations.

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