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Over the past two decades, Accedo has empowered leading video businesses in all parts of the OTT streaming journey, having successfully designed and deployed thousands of multi-platform video applications for customers all around the world. Our long-standing experience and expertise in designing and building OTT video applications for Smart TV, mobile, web and all other streaming devices, makes us perfectly positioned to help you elevate your OTT service’s UX, optimizing the user experience to enable content discovery while driving viewer engagement and retention to set your business up for success in the long-run.

Make UX design a key driver of your OTT platform strategy.

Content may still be king but user experience is certainly a fundamental element in building and optimizing a successful multi-platform video service. Our approach to UX and product design is rooted in a deep understanding of user behavior and preferences, developed from years of having designed many of the world’s most popular OTT applications. Our teams delve into the nuances of your unique business goals and audience requirements, providing a tailored strategy for UX design across screens, always with the aim of optimizing user engagement and satisfaction.


Top UX trends that should shape your OTT strategy in 2024.

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Build a strong UX strategy for your OTT platform.

Drive user engagement with bespoke UX design solutions.


Jumpstart your OTT optimization  strategy with a UX audit.

o better understand how your streaming applications are performing, and identify areas for improvement and optimization, our skilled product designers can conduct a UX audit to analyze the existing user experience, determining whether it is intuitive, meets users needs, and contributes to your overarching business goals. The output is a detailed UX report with recommendations for ways to improve the user experience of your OTT streaming offering.


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