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The Art of Creating Intuitive OTT UX Design

March 26, 2024


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UX is the cornerstone of designing and developing products that resonate with consumers. 

In episode 10 of Playback, Nikki Perugini, Director, Product Design and Advisory, and Sonia Lafontaine, Senior UX Designer, explore what UX in OTT entails and how it goes beyond aesthetics- functional design, intuitive navigation, and accessibility across devices.

They also share insights about the advantages of user research, the common design pitfalls, the considerations for designing a high-quality UX and the role that automation plays for UX designers.

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0:33 - Introduction

1:06 - What is UX and design in OTT?

5:16 - Steps to designing a UX

11:58 - Considerations across different form factors and accessibility

20:20 - Common pitfalls

25:07 - Role of automation

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