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Content Discoverability - The Key to Reduce OTT Churn Rate

Varun Panesar

Lead Product Designer

June 27, 2023


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Competition among streaming services is fierce. Retaining subscribers while countless other video providers all work equally hard to attract those same users is extremely challenging. While numerous factors influence streaming churn such as price, content, and customer service, one often overlooked aspect is content discoverability. A service may well have masses of content that would appeal to a subscriber, but if that content can’t easily be found, it’s effectively worthless. A user that can’t find shows and films they want to watch will quickly get frustrated and give up. This way is the path to churn.

In this blog, we’ll explore the important role that content discoverability plays in increasing engagement, improving user satisfaction, and reducing churn rate.


Boosting user engagement

It’s no secret that an engaged service user will not only have longer streaming sessions, but will also keep coming back to the service again and again. The level of user engagement has a direct impact on profitability because an engaged user is less likely to ditch and switch to another service. When users effortlessly find content that resonates with their interests, they are more likely to spend longer periods on the platform, exploring new titles and diving deeper into the available catalog. This also results in greater opportunities for interaction, which when managed well, can lead to a more satisfied and loyal user base.


Streamlining the path to content

While having an attractive and compelling content catalog may work to attract users, it’s generally not as effective at retaining valuable subscribers and preventing churn. For this, video services also need to manage the content discovery process so that users easily find content that appeals. Content discovery done well minimizes the journey from when the user first opens the service, to the point where they start to stream content.

By making content super discoverable, users are empowered to quickly and easily locate the content they want to watch. Intuitive search functionalities, personalized recommendations, and user-friendly navigation systems play key roles in this process.


Personalization and UX

Every viewer is unique. They will have distinct preferences and viewing habits, and will have a preferred way to search for content and navigate the service. A successful video service will recognize this and adapt the UI, graphics, or content recommendations based on individual profiles. By leveraging user data and analytics around viewing behavior, viewing history, preferred genres, and content preferences, streaming services can personalize the content discovery journey to give users what they want.

Video providers can also use the same data and analytics to locate the content that aligns with user interests. These insights can then be used to push tailored recommendations. This way, the right content finds the user, rather than the other way round.

Personalization can occur in various stages of user’s interaction with the service, spanning from the landing page to the end credits of a video. It is also closely tied to localization, as users coming from different regions and different languages prefer to see content that is tailored to their locality. 

Personalizing the UX, and indeed the content discovery path, is very much an ongoing process because a user’s behavior and needs can and will change over time. Having a content discovery journey and UX that adapts with the user over time will ensure that the service continually delivers a personalized experience, making it easy for the user to always find the right content. This leads to higher user satisfaction and increased engagement so that users keep coming back for more.

Cross-device experience 

In today's digital landscape, users have a multitude of devices to choose from for consuming content, and their choice depends on their preferred viewing experience. For instance, a user watching a thrilling football match on their mobile phone from the sports menu, might decide to switch to a television to enjoy the game with their family, craving a more immersive experience. By enhancing the user access and discovery of different content types across various devices, we can increase user engagement by allowing them to access the service on multiple platforms. This not only reduces churn rate but also contributes to new user acquisition, as users are more likely to register when they can enjoy a consistent experience across different devices.

Ensuring cross-device consistency is a vital consideration during product design and development that caters to a variety of users in various stages of interaction with the video service. This includes new and existing users, those browsing for new content, and those seeking specific content. A well-designed cross-device product will have an intuitive architecture to facilitate easy navigation through different types of content. Effective information structuring, which is an important aspect for great accessible products, applies to all product levels, including the homepage, content rails, program details, titles, descriptions, call-to-action, and hierarchical visibility of information across the app. Based on our historical data, we have found that simply streamlining content structuring and grouping can potentially lead to a 20% improvement in product usability. A smooth experience across devices minimizes the learning curve and enables users to explore a wider range of content on various devices.

Engaging interactions

When it comes to creating an exceptional product, let's not forget the power of delightful and engaging interactions. Products empowered by visually stunning designs, interactive features like long tap, hover, and swipe, and even some motion design for those tiny interactions that make the users go "wow!". These little details are what sets apart a mundane experience from an extraordinary one. For instance, through interactive previews like auto-playing videos, users can get a glimpse of what the content offers, enabling them to explore and discover new content. These interactions not only bring joy but also provide clear feedback and guidance to users, making them feel like they're in control. Optimizing these playful features not only captivates users but also enhances the app's performance and creates an emotional connection.

The combination of delightful interactions and a user-friendly content discovery experience creates a memorable impression that keeps users coming back for more.


The time to act is now 

In today's economic climate, users are actively seeking ways to save money, and as a result, are more likely than ever to switch to different services that offer better deals. Having said that, a user is less likely to explore alternative options if they feel they are getting value and convenience from a service. Prioritising content discoverability will help video providers to quickly deliver on this front.

With Accedo Healthcheck, you can assess how well your service performs in terms of content discoverability. The solution will help you quickly evaluate how well your OTT service is performing, and will also provide you with practical insights and guidance on ways to improve.

To find out how Accedo Healthcheck can help you improve content discoverability, get in touch.  


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