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Accedo Healthcheck is a specialist consultancy offering to assess the performance and viewing experience of your streaming service. Whether you are a global entertainment brand or a smaller, local provider, the solution will help you quickly evaluate the health of your OTT service while accessing practical insights and guidance on ways to improve.

In-depth analysis of all OTT service components.

Our comprehensive analysis covers over 100 metrics across various categories, such as video and UI performance, usability, accessibility, customer feedback, and content discovery, all backed up by our global experience in building and optimizing some of the world’s biggest streaming services.

An agnostic view based on top industry standards.

Healthcheck runs an independent and objective, yet thorough expert assessment based on industry standards for top-tier OTT streaming services, helping you gain a better understanding of where to invest to retain users, remain competitive, and improve ROI over time.

Actionable insights that help you improve, fast.

Identify critical areas weighing down your customer experience and learn how to prioritize your product roadmap and make improvements with the most impact. Take the knowledge you gain to your own technical teams or leverage Accedo's experts who are available for hands-on support as required.

First in the market to truly analyze the OTT streaming experience.

First in the market to truly analyze the OTT streaming experience.

Based on two decade's of building best-in-class video services.

Healthcheck is built on the back of Accedo's experience designing, building and powering some of the world's most impactful video-centric experiences for customers of all shapes and sizes.

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