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Lippo Life is a life insurance company in Indonesia, and a subsidiary of the Lippo Group, which has experience in providing life insurance programs, health insurance, personal accident insurance, investment-related insurance, employee welfare programs and credit life insurance.

Like other industries, healthcare is going through a process of digitization and the pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated the shift towards the need for digital solutions to meet users’ needs. In addition, there are local factors at play in Indonesia that make the healthcare market highly receptive to digital solutions. The country has both a young demographic profile, and a high smartphone adoption rate, which is forecast to increase further to 82% by 2026.  


Lippo Life understood the need to engage with E-Health and Digital Insurance consumers in a new and wanted to launch a digital solution for the mobile market. The company was looking to develop service that met users’ needs by personalizing the patient experience. It also wanted a user experience that was comfortable, easy to use, youthful, and family focused. As a new entrant in the digital insurance market, it was important that the mobile service had a refreshing and eye-catching look and feel. As a healthcare insurance product, the platform also needed to balance the legislative requirements around housing and processing of legal and official documentation, with the need for an approachable design that put user-experience first.


Vida needed experienced designers to create a bespoke, high-quality application interface. The company approached Accedo because of its extensive experience and expertise in UX, UI and creative design. The development process started with a series of discovery workshops where Accedo helped the client identify four key areas to be included in the development of the application’s design and functionality: inpatient, outpatient, maternity and dental. Accedo helped curate the product’s user journey and developed designs for both iOS and Android. The work was specifically focused on alleviating  identified user pain points, such as designing a more efficient and user-friendly way to sign up for insurance and submit health claims.

Accedo’s design team delivered consultancy and best practice design principles across UX, UI, wireframes, and prototypes. It also helped with the user journey from start to finish across every touch point, turning the launch into a seamless experience.


Accedo worked closely with Lippo Life to define the go to market design approach, particularly related to the user experience. It created a solution with a unique and effective brand identity that conveyed that the service is trustworthy, fast, efficient, and easy to use. The service has improved the patient experience by making the insurance process simple, from setting up an account, through to making claims. The service features easy onboarding, a straightforward underwriting process, and a simple payment system.

The solution, called Vida, was launched on time and is available on iOS and Android platforms. The launching of this solution has enabled Lippo Life to successfully break into the Indonesian E-Health and Digital Insurance market.

Client quote

"Multipolar Healthcare chose Accedo because of its digital product development expertise. Despite being a new vertical for Accedo, it was able to apply its vast experience, and knowledge of design principles best practice, to produce and successfully launch a world class, high-quality E-Health and Digital Insurance product, tailored for the local market. Collaborating with Accedo on this project has been a worthy and fulfilling experience."

Argi Karunia

CTO, Multipolar Healthcare

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