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How To Deliver A Best-in-class OTT App

November 30, 2023


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"Quality is super important. Whether content providers say it out loud or not, everyone's looking for it. For instance, how snappy something feels or how polished it looks when there are animations and transitions, quality is super important." - Michael Chan, VP of Delivery & Operations, Accedo.

Episode 7 of Playback is a conversation with industry expert, Michael Chan, focused on considerations and tactics for delivering a best-in-class OTT application. 

Our co-hosts, Stanley Auger and Neil van Zyl, discuss what the discovery phase entails, the challenges with project timelines and how to manage it, the importance of QA automation, and how to determine the scope and evolution of a streaming service post-launch. 

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0:40 - Introduction
2:11 - Considerations for a high-quality OTT app
4:35 - What does the discovery phase entail?
11:30 - Challenges with project timelines and how to manage them
26:52 - Evolution of a streaming service post-launch
28:59- Importance of QA Automation
40:34 - Michael’s leadership philosophy

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