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Taking Your OTT Service To The Next Level

Sofia Mueller-Lundberg

Head of Marketing

November 11, 2022


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The video industry keeps evolving at a tremendous pace and there seems to be a never-ending increase in consumer interest for new services and content.These rapidly changing dynamics mean that video providers need to constantly evolve their services as needs of both their users and their internal organizations change.Research commissioned by Accedo shows that the OTT video market will continue to grow, with particularly strong increase in the tier 3 segment. Niche services with content targeted to specific interest groups will see very strong growth over the coming five years.This opens up the question: how can smaller services with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) provide premium user experiences that are on par with larger competitors that invest billions in their development? The answer is simple: it is often not possible for tier 3 companies to develop a service in-house that will leverage a number of best-of-breed vendors while enabling growth in both engagement and monetization.At the same time, the video ecosystem is increasingly complex and the infrastructure needed to deliver an engaging offering keeps changing. Just as it is important to build a service that sets you apart from competitors, it is crucial to ensure that you can continue to grow it in the future. In order to do this, you will need to constantly evaluate and optimize your feature set and by extension also add or swap out integrated third-party vendors.In this paper, we will discuss the key considerations and challenges that niche and relatively small video service providers face when growing their video business. We will also make recommendations of ways to address the challenges in order to scale with confidence.

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