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Lu Bolden on Contextual Ads, Fan Experiences, and UX Changes in the Last Decade

February 13, 2024


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“Pre-rolls, mid-rolls - they will be part of it since they can be easily advertised to the masses. But if you want to reduce wastage or increase reach, you have to get into the programming and targeted types of advertising.” - Lu Bolden, CEO, BNS Inc

In episode 9 of Playback, Lu and Mrugesh Desai explore the critical aspects of OTT that have changed, improved, or remained constant over the last decade. From the rise of Roku as a dominant force in the streaming device market to the emergence of ad-supported streaming models, the OTT space has seen substantial shifts. 

The conversation also delves into how user expectations and their viewing experience have led to high-end UX enhancements, the proliferation of sports OTT services due to advanced tech, partnerships between leagues and tech companies, and how the strategic use of contextual ads can increase user interaction while bringing in revenue.

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0:30 - Introduction

2:03 - How has the OTT space changed in the last decade?

3:11 - Roku’s market share

5:30 - Shift to AVOD

7:20 - Changes in UX

12:06 - What has been constant?

15:41 - Sports UX experiences

20:45 - Partnerships between leagues and tech companies

24:07 - Contextual & dynamic ads

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