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5G Unleashed: Transforming In-Stadium Experiences with Immersive AR and VR

Lucy Trang Nguyen

Business Development Director

February 21, 2024


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In the pulsating world of sports, the game day experience is evolving into a realm of unprecedented excitement and engagement, thanks to the transformative power of 5G connectivity. As sports enthusiasts flood into stadiums, they are stepping into an era where Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are set to redefine how we perceive and interact with live events. Let's explore the immersive possibilities that 5G brings to the forefront, enhancing every facet of the in-stadium experience.

Enabling true immersion and elevated fan experiences with AR

Harnessing the lightning-fast connectivity of 5G, stadiums are becoming hubs for immersive AR experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds. Imagine wearing AR glasses that not only provide real-time player stats and dynamic visualizations but also overlay interactive elements onto the live game. With 5G's high bandwidth and minimal latency, AR becomes a dynamic tool for enhancing fan engagement, delivering a wealth of information and graphics that elevate the understanding and enjoyment of the game. From interactive player profiles to live in-game statistics, fans equipped with AR devices can delve deeper into the nuances of the match unfolding before them. The possibilities are limitless, creating an enriched and personalized viewing experience that goes beyond traditional spectatorship.

A renowned global vendor in providing and powering 5G infrastructure for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is Ericsson. As a network vendor, it works closely with ecosystem players, innovators, and developers to understand and anticipate the demands of next-generation mobile networks. Stadiums and arenas are currently seen by Ericsson as prime locations for concentrated mobile network deployments, and launching pads for advanced Extended Reality (XR) use cases supported by its robust network capabilities.

Working with Ericsson, Accedo supports CSPs in exploring new monetization avenues with 5G/6G and XR technologies, fostering positive revenue growth by unlocking new, engaging XR business opportunities. With Accedo’s Xtend Arena solution, sports venues and sports rights owners can significantly enrich the live sports experience in stadium, leveraging AR overlays, real-time statistics, multi-camera streams, and 3D merchandise, among other features. This is made possible by 5G’s low latency and high capacity, enabling Accedo’s solutions to deliver immersive viewing experiences to thousands of fans simultaneously in the stadium.

With the power of 5G, sports teams can leverage AR to offer fans interactive experiences, such as virtual player meet-and-greets, AR-enhanced halftime shows, and location-based challenges. By blending the physical and digital realms, fans become active participants in the live sports narrative. AR elements enhance the social and interactive aspects of the in-stadium experience, creating memorable moments that extend beyond the confines of the event itself.

Leveraging VR to expand the sports viewing experience

5G also takes the immersive potential of VR to new heights, offering sports enthusiasts unparalleled views and experiences within the confines of the stadium. With high data speeds and low latency, fans can don VR headsets and find themselves transported to the heart of the action, whether it's courtside at a basketball game or pitch-side at a soccer match. Imagine donning a VR headset and finding yourself not just in the stadium, but right beside your favorite athletes as they execute game-changing plays. 5G's capabilities ensure that the virtual world unfolds seamlessly, providing an unprecedented level of detail and immersion. From the visceral intensity of the game to the roar of the crowd, every nuance is captured, making fans feel like active participants rather than mere spectators.

Beyond the live event itself, 5G-enabled VR opens the door to exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Fans can virtually explore locker rooms, training sessions, and pre-game rituals, providing an intimate connection to the athletes and the team. This unprecedented level of access transforms the in-stadium experience into a journey that extends beyond the confines of the match or game day.

Seamless merchandise purchases with 5G

5G not only transforms the way we experience live sports but also revolutionizes the way fans engage with and purchase team merchandise within the stadium. With its rapid data speeds and low latency, 5G ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience for fans eager to acquire a piece of their favorite team. Imagine strolling through the stadium concourse, spotting a jersey or cap that captures your enthusiasm. With 5G connectivity, you can instantly use your smartphone to browse merchandise, view detailed product information, and make a purchase—all without missing a moment of the live action. The high-speed connectivity ensures that transactions occur in real-time, eliminating the frustrations of slow-loading pages and payment processing delays.

In addition to traditional purchasing methods, 5G facilitates innovative features such as augmented reality try-ons. Fans can virtually "try on" merchandise using AR applications, ensuring a perfect fit before making a purchase. This interactive and personalized approach to shopping enhances the overall fan experience, turning merchandise acquisition into a seamless and enjoyable aspect of the in-stadium journey.

An exciting journey ahead of in-stadium experiences

In conclusion, the advent of 5G is reshaping the in-stadium experience, propelling Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to the forefront of fan engagement. From immersive AR overlays to unparalleled VR views, 5G connectivity is the catalyst for a new era in sports entertainment. As the roar of the crowd merges with the hum of a connected, technologically advanced sports ecosystem, the in-stadium experience becomes not just a game but an immersive journey into the heart of the action. Welcome to the future, where 5G and immersive technologies unite to redefine the very essence of live sports.

We will be showcasing a new joint solution with Ericsson at this year’s Mobile World Congress at booth 2O60, Hall 2.1. Please book a meeting with us to see the demo and learn more about how we can work together to evolve the world of in-stadium viewing experiences. 

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