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Sustainability Playbook: 8 Tips to Developing A More Sustainable Video Product

François Polarczyk

Sustainability Director

September 13, 2023


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Welcome to Accedo's Sustainable Playbook, your guide to understanding and implementing eco-conscious practices in the realm of video streaming. This curated list aims to unravel the complexity of sustainable video streaming and provide pragmatic measures for enhancing performance efficiency. The topics within this deck cover diverse topics, from harnessing AI and Peer-to-Peer networks to optimizing images and reducing energy consumption. Navigate through these insightful cards and embark on a journey towards creating a more sustainable OTT product and future.

01. AI & P2P in video stream
02. A path to energy efficiency
03. Energy conservation through settings
04. Screen resolution & energy usage
05. Practical energy efficiency measures
06. Image optimization for energy reduction
07. Balancing UX and energy efficiency
08. PNG gradients for performance efficiency

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