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Is AVOD really all the rage?

July 4, 2024


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2023 was a tough year for video streaming, with churn rates nearing 50%. Ad-funded models seem like a solution, but our research shows consumers still prefer SVOD over AVOD services. The conclusion: Lowering prices isn't enough; a stellar user experience is crucial.'s survey of 2,000 global consumers reveals:

🔹 Subscription services still lead: 49% of respondents subscribe to 2-3 paid services, while only 11% use three AVOD services.

🔹 Price matters: 42% expect AVOD services to be 30-50% cheaper than subscriptions. Less than a quarter think these should be free.

🔹 Ad experience challenges: Repetitive ads and poorly timed interruptions are major annoyances. Only 13% are most irritated by irrelevant ads.

Want to learn about what these figures mean and how to translate them into smart AVOD strategies? Read the full article authored by Alex Wilkinson, our Head of Sales & Marketing EMEA, here.

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