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Expanding on the Power of Personalization in the OTT Industry with Generative AI

Shawn Zeng

Global Solutions Director

September 14, 2023


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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital media, competition among OTT video service providers has reached unprecedented levels. Not only do they need to continually attract new users, but they must also ensure the loyalty of their existing customer base. In this cutthroat market, personalization plays an increasingly important role in helping OTT video providers attract, retain, and engage audiences. And, it's looking as though generative AI technology can help providers to achieve a whole new level of hyper-personalization. 

The potency of personalization in the OTT industry

In the OTT industry, personalization has emerged as a linchpin for success. Personalized content recommendations have become a cornerstone strategy for both captivating audiences and bolstering user retention rates. However, relying solely on viewers' interests and preferences is no longer sufficient. Personalization needs to take into account a whole host of other factors such as a viewer's age, gender, location, viewing  history, search and viewing  behavior, and more. This multifaceted approach allows video providers  to offer an unparalleled level of relevance and personalization in the recommendation experience.

This process must be dynamic and adaptable, ensuring that recommendations remain finely tuned to an individual’s preferences. This level of personalization not only increases the chances of viewers discovering content they're genuinely interested in but also deepens their engagement with the platform, ultimately leading to elevated satisfaction and retention rates. Crucially, AI-driven personalization doesn't necessitate the displacement of a customer's existing recommendation service. On the contrary, it should be  designed to complement current recommendation systems, acting as an enhancement layer that enriches insights and optimizations based on user data. 

Service providers should be empowered to command full control over the direction and tone that AI provides for their service, reinforcing the alignment with their unique brand identity. This means that if clients already are using a recommendation engine, integrating AI personalization can unlock even greater precision. This seamless integration empowers clients to maximize their existing investments while delivering a more potent content recommendation service.

Elevate your video service with Generative AI enhanced personalization 

Now let’s consider how OTT service providers can effectively leverage generative AI to enhance personalization and elevate their service to another level. To empower service providers to do exactly this, Accedo has developed a LLM Ops  (Large Language Model Ops) solution based on our Accedo Control CMS platform: a real-time app configuration and content management tool for delivery of video experiences across all screens.

Transparent configuration 

Accomplishing transparent configuration is paramount when configuring AI models and managing prompts. Accedo Control plays a pivotal role in ensuring that every layer of configuration, from the user's source model to the final output, remains impeccably clear and transparent. This commitment to transparency significantly reduces risks while granting OTT service providers an invaluable understanding and mastery of AI model behavior.


Accedo Control's versatility extends beyond just transparent configuration. It operates as a powerful prompt management platform, adeptly handling prompts and workflows for a multitude of users. This scalability proves instrumental in serving vast user bases on OTT platforms, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality personalized content recommendations at scale.

User-friendly CMS workflows

With its user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) workflows, the solution simplifies the process for non-technical users to effortlessly create, manage, test, and deploy new Gen AI workflows and prompts. This democratization of AI content creation empowers content teams to exert direct control over the customization process, fostering innovation and agility within organizations.

Integration with Amazon Gen AI service

By seamlessly integrating with Amazon Gen AI service, video providers benefit from a fully managed service that offers foundation models (FMs) from Amazon and leading AI startups through an API. This integration enables clients to select from a diverse range of FMs, empowering them to align the model that best suits their specific use case.

Dynamic configuration allocation

Dynamic configuration allocation is supported, which allows the assignment of different prompts to various user segments, taking into account a multitude of criteria such as geographical location, time, and platform. This dynamic allocation guarantees that content remains relevant to diverse user segments, effectively expanding the reach of personalized recommendations.

Seamless integration

By effortlessly integrating with existing video services, this solution operates as an enhancement layer that bridges the gap between existing services and AI-generated content. This seamless integration is achieved with unwavering transparency and control, ensuring that it harmoniously coexists with current infrastructure without disruption. Clients can harness this enhancement layer to offer an even more robust personalized experience while fully optimizing their existing investments.

Enhance your video service today

At Accedo, our unwavering commitment to delivering personalized experiences underscores our dedication to shaping the future of digital media. Through innovation and collaboration, we are propelling the OTT industry forward and providing increasingly personalized entertainment experiences that resonate with viewers on a profound level. 

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