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Talking OTT and Startup Strategies with Accedo's Founders

September 14, 2023


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Today, we release a special episode of our podcast -  Playback! Our co-hosts sat down with the founders of Accedo, Michael Lantz, CEO, and Fredrik Andersson, VP of Products, to learn about Accedo's genesis story, the challenges they faced, and the guiding principles we've employed to continue our 20-year journey in the video streaming industry. 

How did they meet?

How and why did they start the company?

They also reveal how many IBCs they’ve attended over the years (it could be a record…), why they are excited about IBC this weekend, and the innovations they look forward to being a part of in the next 10 years. 

Hit the play button above or tune into this exclusive conversation on your favorite platform:

1:14: Introduction
2:20: How did the two of you meet?
4:22: How were the first few years of Accedo?
6:12: Key guiding principles to growing a business and maintaining profitability
11:08: Challenges they faced to grow the company
14:15: Secret to a successful streaming business
19:20: Key features to look for in a SaaS platform
20:40: Key features of A1 that are underleveraged
22:44: Challenges that the industry is facing today
30:48: Why is IBC important to the industry?
34:14: Recommended first step to sustainability
40:53: Innovations they are excited about
49:36: Accedo’s success story that they are most proud off

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