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Leveraging the FAST Business Model

Neil Van Zyl

Solutions Engineer

August 16, 2023


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The OTT industry is witnessing the rise of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) services, offering subscription-free, ad-supported content. The FAST business model has experienced significant growth and adoption in recent years, and the number of FAST services and channels continues to increase, indicating strong demand for ad-supported streaming. 

Video content owners can leverage the growing trend to reach a wider audience, generate new and diverse revenue opportunities, and enhance the viewer experience. Whether you plan to launch your own service or distribute FAST Channels to other services, this guide aims to provide content owners with an in-depth understanding of the FAST business model and how to leverage it for your company’s growth and success. By exploring different ownership types, benefits, challenges, and market trends, content owners can make informed decisions and maximize the potential of FAST services.

Innovating the FAST landscape with the FAST 2.0 solution

Accedo and Amagi’s FAST 2.0 transform traditional FAST delivery through AI-powered hyper-personalization for individualized lineups for FAST channels, leveraging integration with ThinkAnalytics to supercharge the viewing experience. Download the white paper to learn more about the implemented solution that enhances engagement and monetization opportunities.

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