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What Will a Future VOD Service Look Like in the UK?

What Will a Future VOD Service Look Like in the UK?

What Will a Future VOD Service Look Like in the UK?
Alex Wilkinson
Head of Sales & Marketing, EMEA & LatAm
 March 2020

This was a question we posed to UK broadcasters at an event we hosted in London earlier this month.

Accedo is privileged to work with world-class video service providers like ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and STV. This event saw representatives from Product, Technology, Delivery, UX&D and Service Management come together to discuss a wide range of topics. The ultimate goal was to encourage an open dialogue about trends and challenges that currently shape the broadcasting industry and foster collaboration on topics that affect all players in this space.

Although these organisations all operate in the same market, it was refreshing to witness an eagerness from all to work together for the greater good. With each company at a different stage of product evolution, they all had something to learn from each other. It was a really inspirational discussion.


It’s perhaps no surprise that these organisations all face similar issues around platform fragmentation, playback experience, new technologies, and personalisation. However, our conversations revealed that there is a wide range of ways for companies to tackle these challenges. For example, some broadcasters have created bespoke software to address issues whilst others rely upon a vendor network to roll-out new technology.

So what will a VOD service look like in 2030? We split organisations into groups and asked them to create a Product Design for the packaging of their service with key elements such as pricing, platforms, content and interaction methods.

A few key themes emerged.

Most saw voice as the primary interface but AR and a multi-device strategy were also noted.

The ability for customers to tailor packages was also a popular prediction. From creating your own bundle models to a ‘pay-per-hour’ viewed approach, it was clear that the flat subscription fee for all content could be a thing of the past.

Finally, the aggregation of content in the future could fit a few different models. Whilst Pay-TV Operators are taking this super-aggregator role today, it was discussed that other types of providers could also fulfil this space in the future when the choice of services becomes overwhelming for customers.


At Accedo, we definitely agree with those predictions. In a recent blog post, we talked about the research we have been conducting on voice navigation. Our CEO, Michael Lantz, also highlighted the master aggregator trend in his top 3 predictions for 2020 and our innovations team cited a few other things they think will happen this year, with 6 trends to transform the industry. One thing is clear: no matter if only some, or all, of these predictions come true, the media landscape has become more complex. That is the reason for the launch of the next generation of our Accedo One platform, which will help address all of that complexity.


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