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Our Virtual Hackathon

Our Virtual Hackathon

Our Virtual Hackathon
Florence Li
APAC HR Manager
 March 2021

Innovation is part of the backbone of Accedo. Our teams are always looking for new ideas for our customers to engage viewers with better user experiences. Hackathons are a great way to garner new ideas and inspiration as they bring together people with different perspectives to discuss and engage in collaborative idea forming. We run regular hackathons and encourage employees outside of the typical sectors of engineering and design, to get involved – thinking outside of the box can lead to transformative ideas.

The event usually takes place at our different offices but due to the Covid, the Asia Hackathon 2021, took place virtually. We had teams from across Accedo come together to get involved and take on this year’s theme: eSports.

With the e-Sports market growing year on year and the trend expected to continue, it is an interesting market to explore. Especially, as it combines video with gaming in a unique way. E-Sports is no longer considered only of interest for gaming fanatics, now games that reflect real sports are growing in popularity.

The Hackathon kicked off in December 2020 with the ideation stage, and four ideas were shortlisted to proceed to the prototyping stage. The selected teams were given two weeks to prepare for the pitch virtually. Despite the teams having limited time, there were four different ideas submitted:

1. Accedo Catch – An all-in-one e-sports companion that enables viewers to catch-up with live matches and events in e-sports. Centralising e-sports information through one single application.

2. Cheat Engine – An AI-based cheat engine which can be plugged straight into the game, giving access to a comprehensive gaming experience.

3. OneArena – A playground for pro-gamers and game streamers to creatively organise and monetise their own tournament. The gamers can create challenges and invite players to compete and win prizes. The challenge can be expanded into game shows and virtual sports.

4. Social Watching – A social-watching platform that allows e-sports viewers to watch games online while also interacting with others via video chat and a messaging system, enhancing the watching experience.

The teams presented their projects to the wider Asia team and judging criteria was broken down into four categories:

  •   Practicality & execution
  •   Design & polish
  •   Pitch
  •   Forward thinking.

The teams all did brilliantly, and showed great innovation with their ideas. The winners were as follows:

Winning 1st Award: OneArena

Best Pitch: Accedo Catch

Most Creative Award: Cheat Engine

Honourable Mention: Social Watching

The Hackathon was, yet again, a great event with some interesting and innovative ideas being submitted. The scope of the work done under a tight schedule impressed judges and mentors alike. Our innovations team is reviewing the ideas to see what makes sense in our future solution roadmap

We look forward to the next event!


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