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Meet the Team:  Sales Director, Michel Skorupa

Meet the Team: Sales Director, Michel Skorupa

Meet the Team:  Sales Director, Michel Skorupa
Lauren McIntosh
Global Marketing Coordinator
 January 2021

Accedo has many talented employees working across the globe, and we want to acknowledge their amazing work. This month, we will focus on the Europe and LatAm team and get to know Michel Skorupa, Accedo’s Sales Director based in Sweden.

Can you describe your role at Accedo?

I am a Sales Director responsible for Benelux, France and Central Europe. My primary role is to find new prospects and build a positive relationship while supporting their Multiscreen growth.

How has your career path led to your current role?

I started in the digital video industry in 2001 as a Sales Manager. At that time, Broadcasters were digitizing in MPEG2 with their distribution networks their linear content. TV was pretty much the only way to watch content that interested you, and DVD rental was the main ‘VOD/PAY TV’ model.

In 2006, things started to accelerate with the MPEG4 video format picking up, basically halving the bandwidth usage vs MPEG2 for the same picture quality. It was also the introduction of MPEG4 HD content. Telcos started to sell IPTV offers to their subscribers, and Phones had large enough screens to enable video capabilities.

The introduction of new network technologies (3G to 4G) further accelerated this change. Bringing in new video transmission protocols, network speed improvements, and new connected devices with larger screens. Resulting in the emergence of new video business models, including the delivery of video on an unmanaged network (better known as OTT Media services). 

I have been lucky to witness and to have been a part of these evolutions. It is a never-ending story, as there will always be new technologies and features creating new business models.

It feels great working at Accedo and being a part of this adventure, as Accedo is an important player in these ongoing evolutions.

What first motivated you to apply to work at Accedo?

I wanted to be closer to the consumer in the video value chain. Consumers can now watch their favorite content whenever they want and wherever they want. This is great for the consumer, but choosing the right content requires a great user experience and user interface, something Accedo is very good at. It was something I wanted to be a part of, so this joining the team was a natural fit for me.

What are the advantages of working for a company with multiple global offices? Do you see any disadvantages?

Working for a company with multiple offices offers several advantages. We are closer to our customers and have a better understanding of their market environment and challenges. We can support them locally, efficiently, and adapt our proposals to match their needs. Also, Accedo is in a unique position to learn from different regions and apply best practices.

How does Accedo’s company culture support diversity within the organization?

We have 16 office locations around the world where 26+ nationalities are represented. This enables us to think in different ways, improve our methods while remaining focused on a ‘Customer First’ approach.

Which is the most interesting project you have worked on and what did you learn from the experience?

I find all projects very interesting at Accedo because they are all different, with specific challenges that need to be solved. It is a perk in our industry: it is never boring!

Can you give an example of when you have been innovative in your job, applying ‘outside the box’ thinking or taking a risk to achieve remarkable results? Alternatively, do you have a good example of someone else doing that?

I strongly believe in clarity without oversimplifying. I try every day when engaging internally or externally to deliver information concisely, even when concepts may be complex. A clear mutual understanding builds trust.

In which ways does Accedo support learning opportunities for its staff?

We have regular open knowledge sharing sessions, which cover marketing, products, and sales activities. 

What are your long-term aspirations for the organization? What would the future Accedo look like to you? What do you want to see more of – or less?

I would like to see Accedo grow its product offering. We are an innovative company that delivers the best solutions addressing multiscreen customers in delivering video content to their subscribers. We want our customers to focus on growing their video business, leaving the technical complexity to us.

What is the best thing about the office you work in?

The implicit trust between colleagues and that our team culture puts the Customer First. Plus, afternoon fika (it’s a Swedish thing)!

What is something not many people know about you?

The science explaining our Universe is a field I love educating myself on. I am also fascinated by space travel, UFOs, and the question if we are alone in the Universe or not.

What is your favorite movie?

Star Wars Episode V.


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