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Meet the Team:  Software Engineer, Ryan Campion

Meet the Team: Software Engineer, Ryan Campion

Meet the Team:  Software Engineer, Ryan Campion
Lauren McIntosh
Global Marketing Coordinator
 October 2020

Accedo has many talented employees working across the globe, and we want to acknowledge their amazing work. This month, we’ll focus on the team in New Zealand and get to know Ryan Campion, Accedo’s Software (iOS) Engineer based in Auckland.

How has your career path led to your current role?

Before joining Accedo, I worked at quite a conservative office doing a wide range of development tasks across multiple platforms. I decided that I wanted to specialize in iOS development because that is what I enjoyed working with the most. I was also searching for a fun company to work for with fresh ideas and skilled individuals. Accedo ticked all those boxes.


What first motivated you to apply to work at Accedo?

I was looking for iOS-specific places, and Accedo was one of the companies looking to hire. I have always wanted to work on Entertainment/Media based projects because they are more fun, and I currently use a lot of media apps, so I have a good understanding of them. I liked the focus Accedo has on quality of work and great UX, which resonated with me. I found they had a strong team of iOS developers, which would help me grow my technical skills and learn best practices. 

What are the advantages of working for a company with multiple global offices? Do you see any disadvantages?

It is great to have lots of contacts around the world to reach out to for help and advice – it makes you feel like you are part of a much larger team. I like the feeling of being part of something larger than just the Auckland office. There is also the bonus of being able to transfer to different locations if you wished to do so.

The main disadvantage would have to be the timezones, as meetings can happen at all hours.

Which is the most interesting project you have worked on and what did you learn from the experience?

It would have to be Lightbox (a subscription video-on-demand service). Taking on the responsibility for the development of the entire project for iOS and Apple TV has increased my technical skills. I learned how to estimate the time required to complete tasks more accurately, communicating ideas, and speaking up when I had concerns. I also got better at managing my time and handling the stress of working towards tight deadlines.

In which ways does Accedo support learning opportunities for its staff?

My manager has helped guide me and set up relevant training to improve my technical skills. We are also encouraged to present interesting topics and demo what we have been working on in team meetings to increase our confidence and communication skills. My manager provides me with useful constructive feedback too.

What is the best thing about the office you work in?

The best thing about the Auckland office is the atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and sociable. We usually have music playing. Other great things are the table tennis table, the Playstation, and the snacks. Plus, the office is in a nice part of the city with good food places a short walk away.

What is your favorite movie?

Mad Max: Fury Road

I loved the consistent flow of action and an extreme, almost steampunk aesthetic.

Honorable mentions: 

Wall-E, The Godfather, Inception, Avatar, A Clockwork Orange, Star Wars, Toy Story. 


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