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Meet the Team: Dir. of Strategic Accounts, Abdul Haleem

Meet the Team: Dir. of Strategic Accounts, Abdul Haleem

Meet the Team: Dir. of Strategic Accounts, Abdul Haleem
Lauren McIntosh
Global Marketing Coordinator
 September 2020

Our latest blog series will feature the very talented people working in various functions and offices across Accedo. We want to use this platform to highlight the quality work accomplished by our colleagues. Today, despite travel restrictions, we will take a trip to APAC and meet our Director of Strategic Accounts, Abdul Haleem.

What motivated you to apply for your role at Accedo?

For me, it was the Accedo brand and its clientele.

What are the advantages of working for a company with multiple global offices? Do you see any disadvantages?

What appealed to me was Accedo’s diverse culture, working as part of a multicultural team, and the company’s openness. I also have the opportunity to visit different offices as I spend a reasonable amount of time traveling between Hong Kong, Singapore, and Delhi offices. As for disadvantages, I have yet to come across any.

Director of Strategic Accounts, Abdul Haleem

Which is the most interesting project you have worked on and what did you learn from the experience?

I have been working with developing a new offering under the Accedo advisory arm in Asia. The project was with one of our partners to launch a brand new multi-platform product into the market. It included an audit exercise, engineering development, deployment, and operation. This initiative helps us remain relevant within the industry and also allows us to explore our true potential and experiment with new offerings. We have demonstrated our premium positioning as the most experienced vendor in the ecosystem and I think Accedo’s potential in this field is tremendous. 

How do you see Accedo strengthening its position as an industry leader? What opportunities do you see that are specific in APAC?

Being the industry leader allows us to explore new offerings and collaborate, not only for innovation but to add value in everything we do. APAC still holds potential for future growth and there are a number of  large markets within the region that we are yet to explore (South Korea is a good example). Our Accedo One platform and the advisory offering I just mentioned both have huge potential for growth.

What are your long-term aspirations for the organization? What does the future of Accedo look like to you? 

I would like to see Accedo continue to strengthen its position as an industry leader and diversify our offerings to add value to the ecosystem, especially with our advisory offering.

What is something not many people know about you?

I love writing.

What is your favorite movie?

Everything from Martin Scorsese.


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