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How Tata Play Binge+ Aced Aggregation: 14+ OTT Apps in a Single UI

How Tata Play Binge+ Aced Aggregation: 14+ OTT Apps in a Single UI

 September 2022

The global appetite for streamed content is on the rise, and as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, India is no exception. According to a recent report by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Boston Consulting Group, the OTT market currently has a 7%-9% market share in India’s $27 billion media and entertainment industry. This is predicted to increase to 22%-25% by 2030. 

Giving Consumers More Choice

A booming OTT market does not mean that Pay TV is off the menu, with many viewers choosing to consume both linear TV and OTT content. India’s leading content distribution platform, Tata Play, is responding to market dynamics by providing both Pay TV and OTT services. The company’s main objective is to connect viewers with the best content on any budget, any screen, anytime, and anywhere. Tata Play was the first operator to launch multiple products and services that redefined the subscribers’ viewing experience in the country.

Pallavi Puri, Chief Commercial & Content Officer, Tata Play explains, “We are seeing a trend where people want to consume linear TV as well as OTT content on one integrated platform. While OTT content consumption has increased over the last two years, customers still go back to Pay TV for their all-time favorite shows, sporting events, and news. This created a perfect breeding ground for all the innovation possible to bring the best of both worlds together under one roof.”

The Path to Aggregation 

Tata Play wanted to tap into this new market for online video, while also laying down an upgrade path for the unconnected DTH user base. Accedo was tasked with developing a highly customized user experience for the Tata Play’s new Binge+ box, while providing an end-to-end solution and acting as the prime system integrator. With its extensive front-end experience and its feature rich Android Launcher solution, Accedo was able to quickly develop an offering to realize Tata Play’s objectives. This included integration with more than 14 content partners and third-party solutions, as well as incorporating Tata Play’s existing in-house DTH infrastructure. 

Puri comments, “Accedo had the capacity to develop the software needed to converge the strength of DTH with OTT. The need to integrate content across platforms and make it available under one roof was the ask and Accedo gave us the platform to do just that.” 

The product, Tata Play Binge+, offers an aggregator service which brings 14+ OTT apps together on a single interface. Tata Play Binge+ smart set top box is powered by Android TV, supports Google Assistant-based voice search and offers Google Play Store access.

Making Content Discovery Seamless and Enjoyable

Not only does Tata Play Binge+ bring several apps together in a unified UI with the simplicity of a single subscription, but it also makes content discovery easy and pleasurable. 

Puri adds: “The best part of this integration has been the ease of content discovery. Tata Play Binge+ aces the content discovery feature under all the genres and platforms available, making content consumption seamless and enjoyable. It helps break the clutter, serving the choice that best suits the user’s personality and watching behavior.”

Meeting consumer needs brings increase in sales

Tata Play’s drive to make Binge+ unique, delivering live TV along with aggregated OTT content and apps in a single set-top box, has really paid off. Since the launch of Binge+, Tata Play has seen a great take up of the product across all areas of India and it expects this trend to continue. 

Puri revealed, “The consumer response has been very encouraging, we have seen great pickup from every market. The metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas have both adopted the concept well and we expect the trend to grow in the coming future especially with the independence and ease of discoverability the platform offers, which is a major selling point of Tata Play Binge.”

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