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Aurora: Helping Pay-TV Operators Maximize Android TV

Aurora: Helping Pay-TV Operators Maximize Android TV

Aurora: Helping Pay-TV Operators Maximize Android TV
Ernest Axelbank
VP Solution Technology & Architecture, Accedo
 September 2021

Rising competition in the video landscape and consumer appetite for video when and where they want it is making it more challenging for Pay-TV providers to remain competitive. Operators are having to innovate to remain competitive with pure OTT offerings. Becoming an aggregator of multiple third-party content providers is one way to cement their position in this space, delivering an integrated viewing hub for all content.

As part of our blog series on operator platform strategy, we discussed Android TV and how it addresses four major pillars of an operator OTT offering. As discussed in that blog post, Android TV is particularly good for operators looking to provide an aggregator offering, as well as being packed full of features that enable operators to deliver an innovative service. That said, tailoring Android TV for operator requirements is best accomplished through Google’s Operator Tier program to ensure you can deliver a fully-featured and customized video service. 

Accedo Android Launcher delivers everything you need to deliver a premium Android TV Operator Tier user experience. Our recently released user experience package for the Accedo Android TV Custom Launcher, Aurora User Interface, has been shortlisted for the CSI awards, due to be announced on 23rd September. In this blog post, we will explore how Aurora is helping pay-TV operators maximize Android features.

Delivering a Premium User Experience

A good user experience should not only look beautiful but also make navigating content as easy as possible. Aurora delivers an improved way of exploring linear content. This UX-centric means of surfacing content enables linear offerings to be explored alongside OTT offerings – ensuring that both are equally as appealing and accessible for customers from a single point of access.

Contextual information, such as related content and suggestions, improves the discoverability of content, and the Aurora TV guide, with stunning image backgrounds, makes it easy for viewers to find the content they want to watch.

Enabling Advanced Features

Android has a number of system capabilities that can be leveraged to deliver advanced features. This is what we have done when we built Aurora. Amongst other features, it enables:

  • Mini previews – giving viewers a quick taster of the content in the library.
  • Context menus – allows users to reach additional capabilities faster, with fewer button presses, and without navigating away from the current screen
  • Background gradients based on the color of content tiles – helping the UI look much more appealing.
  • Long press actions – enables shortcuts for navigating and accessing features without creating clutter on-screen. 

Aggregating Content

At Accedo, we believe that the future of Pay-TV will mean becoming a content aggregator, an approach already adopted by a growing number of operators. The challenge is ensuring that third-party content is integrated while retaining control of which content will be served to viewers first and foremost. With Aurora, operators can integrate partner content and apps and ensure they are easily accessible while complementing the overall subscription service.

Aurora can also provide IMDB, Youtube, and Spotify-related content as extras within the content menu, giving operators the option to deliver a wide range of content.

Enabling Customization

Pay-TV Operators have a unique position of trust with consumers and having that brand recognition is absolutely vital. Being able to fully customize the user experience is therefore important to ensuring a bespoke look and feel throughout any video service. This may even require different designs for different brands within the operator’s portfolio.

Aurora can be customized to enable fully bespoke concepts and solutions to be created for each brand. It also integrates with Accedo Control to enable flexible content and UI layout configuration – including menu items, page layouts, and more. This creates a nimble and flexible solution that allows content providers to tailor the product to customers’ needs, as well as to promote any new releases or featured content.

Ultimately Aurora enables Pay-TV operators to quickly and seamlessly launch a customized user experience for viewers that delivers all the features you would expect from an OTT video service. This enables Pay-TV providers to more easily compete in the increasingly crowded OTT space, offering value to viewers and delivering a branded experience.

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all those companies shortlisted in the CSI awards and we look forward to the online ceremony on the 23rd of September.


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