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Accedo Selected as Preferred Developer by Roku

Accedo Selected as Preferred Developer by Roku

 July 2020

Stockholm, Sweden, 14th July 2020 – Accedo has been named a preferred developer in Latin America as part of Roku’s new Preferred Developer Program. The newly launched program includes developers with a strong history building fully-featured Roku channels that consistently pass Roku’s certification process, among other criteria.

The program is designed to provide regional publishers the means to discover channel developers that can build lower cost, state-of-the-art Roku channels. There is equal importance placed on the knowledge of the business and policy considerations for the Roku certification process. The program is launching exclusively in Latin America in this initial phase. As part of the Preferred Developer Program, Accedo will have early access to beta firmware, as well as special access to Roku’s in-house partner engineering and partner management teams.

Yulia Poltorak, Director of International Content Development at Roku, commented: “We’re excited to welcome Accedo to our Preferred Developer Program. With this program, we’re making it easier for publishers to bring their content to the Roku platform to reach millions of active users worldwide. Accedo has extensive experience and a proven track-record developing channels on our platform and will work closely with publishers to ensure their channel passes all our certification requirements.”

Accedo has been selected as a preferred Roku developer.

Accedo has deployed more than 100 channels for the Roku platform globally and across various content verticals, such as sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, and Pay TV. Accedo is also an early adopter of Roku SceneGraph, having transitioned a number of customers from Roku’s legacy SDK.

Paloma Santucci, Latin America Regional Director, Accedo: “As Roku’s presence in Latin America has been growing over the years, we have worked with a number of broadcasters and media companies in the region to launch channels on the platform. We are proud to have been selected as a launch participant for this program and look forward to continuing to work with Roku.”

Accedo delivers productions, solutions, and expert services that enable media providers to launch state-of-the-art video services, quickly and efficiently across multiple devices.

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