The disparity between the set-top-box (STB) user interface and that of OTT and mobile devices has always challenged the ability of Pay TV operators to truly offer a dynamic, multi-screen video experience. The standardisation of platforms, where operators can choose their own UX/UI layer, has long been in the making.

Delivering on the promise is Google’s Android TV Operator Tier. Now going mainstream, the platform is changing the game for Pay TV operators, providing them with the flexibility to replace the default Google application launcher with their own custom or product-based UI and creating the opportunity to prioritise their own content over that of third parties in all aspects of the experience. 

In this white paper, you'll learn about:

  • The global interest and opportunity for the Android TV platform  
  • Google’s goals for the Android TV Operator Tier 
  • The power of the Launcher: Establishing a Pay TV operator-driven user experience
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