Accedo Presents

The Insights Summit

Where: Singapore 07 June | Mumbai 12 June | Auckland 28 June | Sydney 05 July

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Accedo Presents

The Insights Summit

Where: Singapore 07 June | Mumbai 12 June | Auckland 28 June | Sydney 05 July

RSVP to this private event

Inspiring us to look further, think broader and keep evolving.

As a diverse industry with innovation at its core, how will we stand out from the crowd and create video-centric solutions that inspire and empower the next generation? To start the conversation, we’ve rounding up industry leaders and our expert teams across XR, design and local and global Solutions. We would love for you to join us. We are hosting these events across four key locations in Asia Pacific, to gain perspective and explore each market’s unique growth opportunities. Our team will be there to guide the conversation and showcase some of Accedo’s latest innovations.

Empowering growth through design strategy.

Join us to delve deeper into the world of design and the impact Data-Driven, UX and Creative Design concepts can have on your overall product strategy. Learn from our experts how to utilize strategic design thinking, to help to create user-centric roadmaps that engage customers. A data-backed design strategy can answer users direct needs, as well as balancing and meeting your business goals.

Evolve with Extended Reality (XR).

We have condensed our extensive experience building XR and VR applications into a packaged solution that takes your brand and video content to the next level. Meet us to experience hands-on demos with the latest tech such as Meta Quest, Nreal Light and Air, and PICO 4 - and learn about your brand’s potential within the metaverse.

Solutions designed to enhance and engage.

Created with local business challenges and opportunities in mind, our regional team will be showcasing their latest solutions, and the crucial role they can play in evolving existing products. Through joint collaboration and partnership, we can create a winning formula to accelerate the growth of your existing product and future roadmap. Join us to find out more about local solutions for increasing user engagement and growing your monetisation opportunities.

The powerhouse, the Build family suite.

A flexible set of product development frameworks, driven by world-leading engineering. Our Accedo Build solutions suite is comprised of Elevate, Build and Build Lite - three frameworks trusted by global customers across a variety of regions and industries. We will be demonstrating the Build solutions suite, join us to uncover this framework’s ability to help new entrants breakthrough to existing markets or new devices and platforms.

A bespoke Android TV Launcher.

A launch ready framework, Accedo's Operator Tier Android TV Launcher is designed to reduce the time spent on development and testing, allowing operators to reduce the time to market and experience lower total cost of ownership. Build better brand awareness and engagement with the launcher’s bespoke interface and easy management. The solution offers a collection of pre-built UX themes that are certification ready, meaning that they meet all of the UX requirements defined by Google under the Operator Tier program.


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Meet the team.

Here to share their expertise, our event team are excited to see you.

Matt Kossatz
Senior Vice President - APAC
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Chris Mcnair
Head of New Business & Strategy - APAC
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Nikki Perugini
Director, Design & Advisory - APAC
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Abdul Haleem
Head of Business Development - APAC
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Gaurav Malik
Business Development Director, India
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Stephen Burns
Head of Solutions - APAC
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Warren Yu
Strategic Accounts Director
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Jose Somolinos
Solutions Strategist & XR Lead
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Victor Du Preez
Head of Engineering - ANZ
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Thomas Wong
Engineering Manager
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Sanjeev Pandey
Engineering Manager
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Raghad Yaikoob
APAC Marketing Manager
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