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Accedo Launches out-of-the-box Sports Video Solution

Accedo Launches out-of-the-box Sports Video Solution

 April 2021

Enables a video-centric Fan Experience

Stockholm, Sweden, 21st April 2021 – Accedo has launched a new out-of-the-box Sports Video Solution. The new solution, Accedo Play – Sports, enables sport organizations to launch, manage and monetize a service which delivers both a world class video-centric experience, as well as a premium and tailored fan experience.

With Accedo Play – Sports, rights holders, federations, and clubs can quickly deliver a video centric hub for their brand to augment and enhance any existing video and social media strategies. As well as creating an engaging digital space for fans, Accedo Play – Sports opens up the opportunity to monetize across core revenue streams, such as ticketing, merchandising, sponsorship, as well as direct video revenue streams.

Hong Kong Rugby Union launched its service HKRU TV using Accedo Play - Sports

Michael Lantz, CEO Accedo, commented: “Many sports organizations are already producing video content to distribute through Youtube, and other social channels. We believe that revenue potential and fan engagement will be significantly improved by a branded experience powered by Accedo Play – Sports.  The new solution offers great possibilities for sports organizations to aggregate their content, create new revenue streams and engage their audience – from the casual viewer to the diehard fan.”

Accedo Play – Sports supports a wide range of editorial content, from highlight reels to full live matches, across multiple device platforms and including distribution to social channels. Rights holders, federations, and clubs benefit from a data-driven approach that delivers key insights into fan behavior and content preferences. Accedo Play – Sports ensures that sports organizations can deliver a high quality user experience and scale as audiences grow. 

As services mature, the Accedo Play – Sports solution will enable additional advanced features to support the growth. This includes ‘next generation’ content formats such as Augmented Reality, game statistics and sponsor activations which can bring a new level of interaction to content.

For more information on Accedo Play – Sports, please visit 

Accedo will be hosting a workshop on digital fan engagement during the International Federations Summit at 9am on Wednesday 21st April 2021.


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