5 Steps To Differentiating Your OTT Business

As the broadcast industry continues to mature, it is no longer enough to just provide an engaging OTT experience. Tightened competition is forcing media companies to take a more comprehensive approach, shifting their focus to the true business impact of their offering. Technology used to be the driving force behind delivering a successful OTT service. However, savvy companies have started to realize the importance of a strong brand and market positioning to truly make an impact with their audience.

Establishing and differentiating your brand is as complex for media companies as it is for any other business. It is about what you are looking to achieve as an organization, how you are perceived by the market, and what factors (perceived or real) that set you apart from your competitors. It is about truly looking at yourself in the mirror and dissecting who you are and what course of action you have to take to maximize impact.

From a media company’s perspective, it is about a political shift within the organization where the brand rather than the product determines strategy and activities. And it all ties back to the overarching business objectives.

Many organizations already understand the importance of a strong brand in differentiating their OTT service. Below are five key trends that we think will accelerate the movement to a brand-first approach.

5 Steps To Differentiating Your OTT Business