Easy management of OTT apps and content.

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Real-time OTT app configuration and content management.

Manage content presentation and app configurations across multiple platforms in one convenient central hub without writing a single line of code. Access all the tools you need to easily manage your video service and make real-time changes in a secure, real-time environment.

Deliver highly targeted OTT user experiences.

Make your OTT applications as agile as your business with remote configuration that allows you to build and customize elements for subsets of your audience, such as serving regional markets with content tailored to local user trends and preferences.

Scale from hundreds to millions of viewers, globally.

Ensure flawless delivery of your content - now and as your service grows. From web to mobile applications, Acceco Control enables intuitive and seamless configuration and content management across all major OTT platforms, ultimately serving millions of users across the world.

Simplify your OTT app management process.

Seamless and flexible OTT UI configuration.

We are thinkers, doers, providers of world-class video solutions.

At Accedo, we strive to reduce the complexity of the video streaming landscape to provide a suite of customer-centric solutions that cover all parts of the OTT development and optimization journey. By combining a framework based approach to solution development with two decades of specialist experience in OTT strategy, UX design, and application development, we have enabled some of the world’s greatest video businesses to continuously stay ahead of the streaming curve.

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