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Android Launcher

Everything you need to deliver a premium Android TV Operator Tier user experience.

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What is the Accedo ANDROID Launcher?

Accedo Android Launcher is a Google-certified, specialist product framework that enables global TV operators to replace the standard Android TV Operator Tier Launcher with a consistent set-top box experience that is customized to their brand.

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Faster Launch

We supply the tools and support needed to significantly reduce time-to-market without compromising on the features and customizations that make your Launcher unique to your brand.​

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Easier Management

Our powerful configuration tool - Accedo Control - offers a single place to manage your applications across platforms, ensuring a highly functional Launcher experience across all user touchpoints.

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Accelerated Growth

Our teams offer the support needed to optimize and grow your Launcher experience, including a strategic product roadmap and regular feature roll-outs based on client needs and feedback.

Flexible Features

A product-driven solution designed to suit different customer types and levels of complexity.

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Off-the-Shelf Themes

Choose from one of our pre-designed UX themes and add customized elements to create a Launcher experience that truly engages users.

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Custom Additions

Work with our specialist designers and engineers to create fully bespoke concepts and custom solutions for a Launcher offering that is 100% yours.

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Editorial Control

Integrate our Accedo Control configuration tool to enable flexible content and UI curation, including menu items, page layouts, and more.

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Built-Out Analytics

Benefit from a built-in business intelligence module that leverages Google Analytics as well as the ability to integrate third-party data providers.

Is this not what you're after?

Check out our Accedo One SaaS platform instead.

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