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Nikki Perugini on UX Trends & Predictions for OTT Product Roadmaps

April 11, 2024


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In part 2 of our UX series on the pod, our host, Neil van Zyl, Solutions Engineer, continues the conversation with Nikki Perugini, Director, Product Design and Advisory. They delve into the trends and predictions in UX Design that we foresee in the upcoming period.

Tune in to the full episode above or on any of your favorite podcast platforms to gain highly practical insights on Content Discovery and how to end the pain point for users, how interactive video is growing and what Dynamic Overlays entail, and what are Super Apps and why is it popular in Asia? These insights are designed to empower you to enhance your UX design strategies.

Read the UX white paper for a comprehensive understanding of optimizing the user experience for your video service. This white paper covers the topics discussed in this episode and other crucial areas such as FAST, AI Tools, Data Storytelling, and Systems UX, ensuring you are fully informed.

Timeline for the pod episode

0:37 - Introduction

1:30 - Content discovery and how to improve it to engage users

8:12 - Interactive video and dynamic overlays 

14:30 - What are Super Apps and why is it popular in Asia?

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