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OTT mobile Is "On-the-Go" TV

February 29, 2016


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Gone are the days when a mobile phone was simply that – a device to phone people with. The advancements in mobile technology have changed the way we interact with mobile devices, with so much functionality built into very small devices. Video is an excellent example of that: who would have thought twenty years ago that we would be watching video and linear TV on screens as small as a mobile screen yet getting better resolution than we could from a TV back then? Connectivity is also getting better very fast, despite still lacking in some parts of the world.

This is mainly due to a whole host of initiatives, both public and private, aimed at expanding connectivity. In some cases that means 3G and 4G networks, but we are also seeing high speed Wi-Fi connectivity in trains, buses, restaurants, and even across hotspots in cities.Let me give you an example. In collaboration with Telefónica, the Spanish Government has announced plans for WI-FI connections to be offered on trains and stations across the whole country. Apart from being able to navigate their way around, Telefonica will provide films TV Series, TV channels, books, newspapers, sports, games, etc. to all passengers.Consumers are already getting used to accessing their over-the-top (OTT) services via mobile devices at home. We are seeing a definite trend, where people within a family will be watching different pieces of content on different devices at the same time. Children and millennials are the next big target for the OTT providers, with a number of services being launched, aimed specifically at them. With nine out of ten children in the US and UK now reportedly using mobile devices1, much of that OTT content is likely to be viewed on mobile devices, rather than the television screen.

A second real example is the recently announced by NBCU, “hayu”. Hayu will be the first all-reality sVOD OTT service incorporating curated content and strong social media integration. To be launched soon in UK; Ireland and Australia, there will be no ongoing contract and will cost around 4,99 Eur per month. NBCU is targeting an audience of 18-39-year-old females.An attractive an innovative video and social on-the-go experience to this audience.This trend for mobile TV will develop over the coming months, with more and more people viewing content on mobile devices.

What will be even more striking will be the rise in true “on-the-go” viewing. The increased availability of Wi-Fi as discussed above and improved mobile coverage in many areas, means that TV and Video viewing no longer has to be limited to the house. OTT services will act as the main platform, as they are easy to access and navigate from your mobile device. Many of them also allow you to continue watching a piece of content where you left of, meaning you can start at home, but then when you need to head out, you can carry on watching en route (assuming you are taking public transport of course).

This rise in “on-the-go” OTT experiences will seriously impact how we watch TV, which will in turn impact how content creators will create new content formats. They will more and more need to ensure they are created and adapted for mobile on-the-go viewing. It will also impact how PayTV providers will package the TV offering, as consumers will demand true multiscreen services, giving them access to the same content across any number of devices with strong “on-the-go” capabilities as more and more TV and Video consumption will happen out of the living room.

This article originally appeared in The Fast Mode.

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