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OEM Overview Series: Deploying on Samsung Tizen OS

Anil Tan

Director, Product & Solutions Growth

May 17, 2023


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Viewers across the US have embraced smart TVs with open arms. Studies show that there are over 80 million households owning one, and more than half of those are powered by Samsung Tizen OS - making it the most used smart TV OS across the country. If Samsung Tizen OS is the most sought after smart TV OS on the US market, then any sound OTT growth strategy needs to consider it as part of the expansion plan.

This blog post is part of our OEM Overview series reviewing different OEMs as potential growth tools to expand your OTT service. We’ve already discussed Roku, Comcast X1, Vizio SmartCast and LG webOS, and this time, we’re focusing on Samsung Tizen OS.


OS licensing program for extended reach

The TV OS market is extremely fragmented, and to combat this, many manufacturers including LG and Google, licence their products for use by third party OEM partners. Samsung started its OS licensing program in 2021, and the TVs shipped with Tizen OS include Samsung’s FAST video service, Samsung TV Plus.

With third-party OEM partners such as Atmaca, HKC, and Tempo already shipping Tizen powered TVs across Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Turkey, and the UK, Tizen OS is likely to be a lucrative option for your video service.


Linux-based open source OS with integrated development environment

Tizen OS has been powering smart TVs since 2015. However, what makes it unique is its linux-based open source operating system developed by Samsung and Intel. As an open-source OS, developers and vendors can easily adapt the OS to create custom use cases. Its linux framework makes the OS flexible and scalable allowing it to be used across wearables, in-car infotainment systems, smart signage, and other display products.

Tizen Studio is Samsung’s integrated development environment that enables developers to build, profile, debug, and emulate any native and web apps from Tizen’s library of 200 sample apps. The platform provides a comprehensive set of tools to optimize existing apps or experiment with new ideas in a different environment.


Grab a slice of the FAST action with Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus offers over 1000 channels of content across 23 countries in the world. The platform has a user-friendly UI, allowing users to easily access and navigate its ‘Universal Guide’ to find a wide range of programming. Having a branded FAST channel included in Samsung TV Plus can be a valuable tool to raise brand awareness at the same time as directing audiences to standalone app experiences on Tizen OS and other platforms.


Enhanced user experience and customized experiences

Tizen OS enhances UX by supporting touch gestures, improved scrolling, and multi-tasking allowing users to utilize tablets and smartphone devices. With the knowledge of HTML5, Tizen OS can be used to customize UIs easily and quickly. In addition, Tizen’s 3D window effects support games and apps that require 3D full graphics.

Users can also easily customize their experiences with Tizen OS, because of Samsung’s range of integrated applications and devices. Whether it’s ‘Samsung Health’ that provides personalized fitness content for at-home workouts, or ‘Samsung’s Art Store’ that allows artists to exhibit their art collection for users to purchase, Tizen OS offers services that cater to each user’s unique lifestyle needs. Samsung’s SmartThings provides a complete home experience by allowing users to control personal and home appliances through their smart TV.


Accedo can support you to deploy on Samsung Tizen OS

Global video solutions provider, Accedo, has extensive experience of delivering premium video-centric solutions. It has helped many customers and partners achieve their business objectives by launching on Samsung Tizen OS.

Accedo recently supported ITV in the development of its integrated advertising-funded and subscription streaming platform ITVX, which was launched on a range of operating systems including Samsung Tizen OS.

To find out how Accedo can help you grow your OTT service by bringing your content to Samsung Tizen OS, get in touch.


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