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OEM Overview Series: Deploying on LG's WebOS

Anil Tan

Director, Product & Solutions Growth

April 13, 2023


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More people are watching streamed content on smart TVs than ever before. Comscore reported that the total number of households watching CTV content on smart TVs grew by 17% between February 2021 and February 2022. One of the big players that dominates the market in the US is LG - currently holding the fourth largest OEM market share.

This is the latest blog post in our OEM Overview blog series exploring the potential of different OEMs as tools for growing your OTT video service. Already, we’ve considered Roku, Comcast X1 and Vizio SmartCast and here, we’ll look at LG webOS.

Powering smart TVs worldwide

Since it launched the first large screen OLED TV over a decade ago, LG’s cutting-edge OLED TVs have been a huge success. In 2021, in order to expand platform adoption further and increase its prominence in the global home entertainment market, LG made its webOS smart TV platform ecosystem available to other TV brand partners. LG has now powered an impressive 120 million smart TVs globally. Over 20 TV manufacturers and brands including RCA, Aynoz, and Konka, have partnered with LG to take advantage of the webOS ecosystem. 

 At CES 2023, LG’s OLED TVs were recognized with the CES Innovation Award, continuing its 11 year streak. LG is continually investing in its LG webOS platform, and this makes it highly attractive for content providers. The platform is supported by technology partners such as Realtek, Nuance, CEVA, Gracenote, Universal Electronics, among others.

A premium device platform

Companies that license webOS TV receive LG’s highly recognized UX design, integrated AI algorithms, and a pool of features such as voice search and control, and easy connectivity. LG webOS also allows TV brand partners the ability to offer a variety of content options to their customers through premium streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, sports streaming service DAZN and LG’s free content streaming service.

 LG’s own FAST service delivers 300 free linear-like TV channels that are available for all the end users of LG webOS. Service providers can take advantage of this service by distributing their content on select LG channels. This will help  increase brand awareness and further entice users to download their app for exclusive content on other devices and platforms. 

An optimized and personalized experience

Earlier this year, LG introduced the latest version of its webOS smart TV platform. The new version focuses heavily on delivering an optimized and personalized experience to end users. It provides an intuitive UX design with an integrated AI based algorithm. OLED TVs have a redesigned user interface (UI) with the home screen tailored to each different user profile under an account. The AI Concierge aids personalization by providing each user profile with a curated list of content options based on their individual viewing history and habits, allowing for a smarter, more personalized experience. Viewers can use the interface seamlessly by categorizing the content and services most used into easily accessible content tiles (aka quick cards) such as home office, gaming, music and sports. 

The LG magic remote allows end users to operate their smart TV and other connected smart devices with a voice command feature, including searching for content or setting up the TV for remote meetings. Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are built into the LG immersive TV experience to access entertainment faster, check the weather, or even browse the internet. 

Monetize with ad opportunities

The LG WebOS includes native home screen ad units that offer ad positions such as multi-hours roadblocks, targeted ROS ad units, and several other critical ad positions that lead to a video, website (within the LG browser), or a CTV app.

It also offers native ad units that enable ads to be run across the entire OS such as the home screen, content store, and browser. This allows content providers to target audiences with their ads based on ACR viewership data and other first- and third-party data.

You can find out more about how to monetize your service through webOS ad specifications here.

Accedo can support you to deploy on LG’s webOS

Global video solutions provider, Accedo, is at the forefront of the continuously evolving and dynamic OEM market. Accedo has extensive experience of deploying LG webOS solutions, having supported Hallmark Movies Now, SiriusXM, Hearst, and Showtime to bring their rich and engaging content to the platform. 

Accedo recently supported the launch of a new LG webOS deployment for MasterClass, adding to the number of devices through which its audience can access its rich educational content library.

“Accedo’s infrastructure expertise and close ties to major OEMs made it easy for MasterClass to navigate OEM relationships and processes across several platforms…” - MasterClass

The Accedo team will be at NAB from 16th - 19th April. Stop by booth W2031 or book a meeting to find out how we can help you to grow your video service by expanding on to the LG webOS ecosystem, or any other device platform.

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