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Accedo Launches New Consultancy Solution: Healthcheck

Helen Weedon

Communications Manager

April 27, 2023


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Stockholm, Sweden, 27th April, 2023 - Global video solutions provider Accedo, has launched Healthcheck, a new consultancy offering to assess the health and performance of a streaming service.

It examines over 100 metrics to evaluate the health of a streaming service from a user experience perspective, covering a number of areas including usability,  performance, content discovery, and viewer sentiment. Whether a global entertainment brand or a smaller, local service, the solution enables video providers to evaluate the performance of their service and at the same time, access practical guidance on ways to improve.

With Healthcheck, OTT video service providers can improve their service over time, maximizing performance and optimizing the customer experience. In time, this will also allow streaming services to compare the performance of their platform with others in the market, to gain a better understanding of where to invest to remain competitive. It can also be used by product and technical teams to leverage knowledge and expertise to work on the right updates and roadmap for maximum return on investment.

Michael Lantz, CEO,  Accedo, commented: “Streaming services are increasingly challenged with the risk of churn. Research shows that almost two-thirds of consumers unsubscribed from global streaming platforms over the course of last year. It has been shown that improving the user experience can play a big part in helping providers attract and retain subscribers. This means that now, more than ever, services need to ensure a consistent and pleasurable experience on every device.”

Healthcheck not only evaluates over 100 metrics, it also provides practical, ranked, ways to improve, backed up by Accedo’s experience in building and optimizing some of the world’s biggest streaming services. A free introductory version of the solution is available to companies wanting to try out some key metrics and gain a better understanding of their service.

For more information about Healthcheck, visit:

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