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As a leading solutions vendor in the video streaming industry, Accedo has spent the past two decades empowering hundreds of media companies, Pay TV operators, and other video-driven businesses in all parts of the OTT streaming journey. We have successfully designed and deployed thousands of multi-platform video applications for customers across the globe but our OTT expertise transcends the front-end experience to also include OTT strategy building, streaming platform development, video business monetization, and more.

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We offer OTT consulting regardless of where or how you choose to develop your streaming applications. Our focus is to equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the most effective strategies tailored to your unique business requirements, helping you to achieve your objectives successfully, whether development is conducted in-house or through alternative providers. How you choose to proceed with the given insights is entirely within your discretion. Rest assured, we remain at your service for ongoing OTT support and guidance.

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Accedo Healthcheck is a specialist OTT advisory offering that provides detailed service insights aimed at evaluating the performance and user experience of your streaming offering. Whether you represent a major international entertainment corporation or a smaller, regional provider, our OTT audit solution enables you to swiftly assess the vitality of your OTT service, equipping you with valuable insights and actionable guidance to enhance your streaming service experience for long-term competitiveness and success.

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