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What’s all the fuss about?

Apple’s Vision Pro Mixed Reality headset combines AR and VR to perfectly position video entertainment at the forefront. It allows for an entirely new way for audiences to experience video content with immersive environments, AR interactions, gamification and bespoke content engagement strategies. This unique technology uses Spatial Computing to blend digital and physical environments to create interactive and immersive experiences.

How Accedo can help you get started on the Apple Vision Pro.

1. Out-of-the-box Solution

An off-the-shelf solution with best in class UX, tried and tested on the device, designed and built specifically for the Apple Vision Pro.

2. Rework from iOS Port

Make improvements to your iOS port to ensure feature parity across devices, and improve UX & UI for the unique viewing experience in the headset.

3. Consulting and advisory

Want to build it yourself? Let us guide and train your teams to ensure you follow best practice and optimise your workflow at every opportunity.

Why should you invest in an Apple Vision Pro app?

Why choose the Accedo Off-The-Shelf Solution?

  • A template solution can be a great choice for a brand new platform like the Apple Vision Pro. It allows you to test your service on the platform in the market without the risk of huge upfront costs to build and manage. 
  • With an Accedo solution, you can be confident in the quality of the build, continuous improvements & support over time. We simplify and manage the platform roadmap for you, ensuring it meets audience, business & technology requirements. 
  • We have worked closely with Apple Developer Labs to test and implement the best in class user experience you see in the solution. 
  • Our experience tell us that the iOS app port process is not as seamless as we hoped. Our customers have run into a few challenges and restrictions which can make adapting the port to suit the device a lengthy and costly exercise.


Accedo powers new immersive application for New Zealanders largest Streaming Service.

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