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Designed to embrace and evolve existing products.

Increase user engagement and grow monetisation opportunities with Accedo local solutions. Our Enhance and Bulletin solutions utilise emerging technologies and trends to evolve existing products and services.

Rethink the news with the Bulletin solution for publishers.

Having identified a gap in the news & editorial offerings for big screens, which are often limited to a single live channel, Bulletin was born. This new solution enables users across a range of home or commercial environments to have access to up-to-date news, weather and video content, in an exciting and user friendly way.

Your existing news content, delivered to a new audience.

Bulletin enables publishers to leverage existing news content, and promote this to a diverse audience in a new format. The solution offers two key feature states, Interactive Mode and Passive Mode. Interactive mode is designed for the user to actively engage with the app, select and read written articles, watch video and more. While in Passive Mode, no interaction is required from the user, instead the app will remain visible on the screen and update headlines, video, weather and more, automatically.

Accedo Enhance, a new way to enrich the viewing experience.

This feature-rich solution delivers the ideal balance between interactive overlays, and your product's primary purpose. Integrate Enhance into your existing CTV video application to increase user engagement and provide new monetisation opportunities

Increasing user engagement: features at a glance.

A versatile solution, with multiple use cases.

Two new solutions, based on decades of experience.

Enhance and Bulletin are built by Accedo’s expert designers and engineers, the same teams powering some of the world’s most impactful video-centric experiences.

Want to take your video business to the next level?

Let's collaborate to define what is next for your OTT streaming service.

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