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Protect Revenues with DRM Support

Markus Hejdenberg

Head of Product Sales & Marketing

September 16, 2021


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When we established Accedo One Marketplace, we had the vision of a place where our customers can experiment with their video service by seamlessly adding solutions to it. This is part of what makes Accedo One truly flexible and means it works for all of our customers. The latest slew of product integrations into Accedo One Marketplace means our customers can now pick and choose the Digital Rights Management (DRM) vendor of choice and embed it into their service.DRM has become more important than ever, here are our top reasons why all video providers should consider it.

File-sharing is becoming widespread

In many markets across the globe, it has become extremely common for consumers to share video content with one another. It is well-known that many households share passwords for video services, but the problem goes way beyond that. According to recent statistics from Statista, pirated video material gets over 230 billion views a year and more than 80% of global online piracy can be attributed to illegal streaming services. These sites make otherwise gated content available for free anywhere in the world, so it is not hard to imagine how they have become so popular. As piracy and file-sharing continue to increase, it is more important than ever for content providers to ensure their content remains protected.

Security breaches impact revenue

Of course, when security breaches do occur, it has an immediate impact on revenue. The same Statista report claims that digital video piracy is costing the US economy between $29.2 and $71 billion each year. It also estimates that the global movie industry’s revenue losses from digital piracy are between $40 and $97.1 billion per year. If your high-value content is readily available on illegal streaming sites, then of course a high number of consumers will watch there for free rather than subscribing or paying for your content, making it hard for you to monetize that same content.

To obtain third-party high-value content

Studios and other content providers are increasingly wary of piracy that could devalue premium video content. This means that they are extremely cautious before entering into new agreements with video service providers. Often, they will only agree to provide that content to video providers with a high level of protection in place. Using market-leading DRM solutions certainly has a massive impact on proving content is safe and ultimately securing those deals.There are a number of DRM solutions on the market and the one you use will depend very much on your existing tools and your workflow. Some of the providers we work with also offer technology for other parts of the video chain so depending on your requirements, in some cases, it may be a question of bundling that with their other services. Accedo One customers can now select multi-DRM solutions from Brightcove, Verimatrix, and Vualto. These vendors have a long history of working with content security and video deliveries from different aspects of the value chain. Accedo One customers should determine which one is the best fit for their workflow then head over to the Accedo One Marketplace and add it to their service.

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