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Celebrating Pride 2024 at Accedo: Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Phillip Farinha

Director, People & Culture

June 3, 2024


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Kicking off Pride Month with pride

As Pride Month 2024 begins, we're excited to celebrate Accedo's commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging “DEIB”. With a presence in over 15 countries, our team is a vibrant mix of cultures, ethnicities, and races. This diversity fuels our creativity, innovation, and collective drive to achieve great things together. We believe in creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported, and we're always working towards this goal. Our DEIB initiatives will continue to shape our company culture and enrich the experiences of our diverse team members worldwide.

A culture where everyone thrives

From the start, Accedo has been dedicated to building an environment where everyone can thrive, no matter their background or identity. David Tovar from our Guadalajara, Mexico office  eloquently captures this sentiment:

"At Accedo, we are not just coworkers, we are a community that embraces diversity and supports each other. It feels incredible to be part of such an inclusive team where people are recognized for their talent regardless of their identity, and where every one of us feels welcomed and valued every day. We not only work on great products but in shaping our beliefs while remembering our shared humanity."

David Tovar

This commitment is reflected across the company, with various DEIB initiatives and new programs in 2024 aimed at promoting understanding, respect, and equity among all employees.

Aitor Gómez from our Madrid, Spain office also shared some powerful sentiments about Accedo’s culture.

"Since my first day at Accedo, I feel truly welcome and supported as an out & proud gay man, thanks to the inclusive culture and unwavering commitment to diversity."

Aitor Gómez

Pride 2024: Global celebrations

This year, our Pride celebrations are more vibrant and inclusive than ever. Our offices worldwide have planned events and activities to honor Pride Month and show our support for the LGBTQ2S+ community, including:

  • Pride Events: Employees across our global offices will participate in local Pride events, showcasing our support for LGBTQ2S+ rights.
  • Educational Workshops and Panels: We've organized workshops and panel discussions with LGBTQ2S+ activists and thought leaders to educate and inspire our team about the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  • Employee Stories: This year, we will be featuring 2 Accedoneans from the LGBTQ2S+ community to host 3 regional keynote speaking events, sharing their experiences and perspectives on Pride Month and their lived experiences.

Creating a safe and supportive workplace

Creating a safe and supportive environment is a top priority at Accedo. Jeffrey Sutton, a valued team member, shared his insight about his own working experience:

"Accedo is the first company I've worked at where I've not even had to think about whether to be genuinely myself!"

This sense of safety and acceptance is a cornerstone of our DEIB initiatives.

Jeffrey Sutton

Recognition and appreciation

Anubhav Chandra, who leads our Global Talent Acquisition team, highlights our culture of recognition and appreciation:

"I am proud to work for a global company that celebrates diversity and champions inclusion. As a member of the LGBTQ2S+ community, I have always found the support and affection I needed here. My efforts are appreciated and recognized based on my contributions, not my sexuality. This Pride Month, we continue to strive towards making our workplace even more welcoming and inclusive for everyone."

Anubhav Chandra

Anubhav's words highlight our efforts to ensure every team member feels valued for their contributions, fostering a culture where merit and effort are the key determinants of success.

Our ongoing DEIB journey

Our DEIB journey at Accedo is just beginning, but our commitment is unwavering. We're inspired by our achievements and motivated to keep improving. For instance, our work on gender equality includes joining the UN Global Compact Accelerator Program, Target Gender Equality, to set ambitious goals for women's representation and ensure equal pay for equal work. This initiative, along with our ongoing efforts to update our DEIB strategy, underscores our dedication to creating a structured and impactful approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Our journey reflects our belief that fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace is an ongoing process. We remain committed to building on our successes and addressing challenges, ensuring Accedo continues to be a place where everyone can thrive.

This Pride Month, and every month, we stand with the LGBTQ2S+ community and celebrate the unique contributions each individual brings to our vibrant and diverse team. Happy Pride 2024 from Accedo!

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