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Balancing Career and Wellness: Inspiring Stories from our Women Employees

Sofia Mueller-Lundberg

Head of Marketing

March 7, 2023


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Happy International Women’s Day! Today is the day dedicated to the remarkable accomplishments of women from all around the world. At Accedo, we have some truly incredible women, who have left their mark in their respective fields. They have managed to balance their personal and professional lives, while also prioritizing their wellness. Join us in celebrating the achievements of just some of the women at Accedo this International Women's Day, and beyond. Let their stories inspire and motivate us to break barriers, challenge norms, and pave the way for a brighter future.

Meet Nikki Perugini, Director of Product Design & Advisory - APAC at Accedo. She started as the first designer in the Sydney office in 2016, and since then, has grown within the company to become the leader she is today. She talks to us about maintaining a balance between her job and her passion for professional rugby. Nikki is a true inspiration for young women striving to balance their professional and personal lives.

Nikki Perugini

How has Accedo contributed to your professional growth?

“I have worked at Accedo since 2016, starting out as the first designer to be hired in the Sydney office, and still fairly early in my own professional career. Over the years I grew within the Accedo team, thanks to many opportunities working on exciting projects and the ability to learn from staff across the globe. Over time I was given the chance to build the UX department in Australia & New Zealand, thanks to a growing desire for UX design in our region. And after a few years of successful growth in ANZ, I took on the role I am in today, as Director of Product Design & Advisory - APAC. Looking after a much wider region came with its challenges, but my vision for the design team was always supported by my managers, shout out to Chris McNair and Matt Kossatz for never turning down my (sometimes insane) ideas. I was given freedom and flexibility to lead and grow my team the way I envisioned, and the entire design function in APAC has been thriving under the same leadership. Accedo has supported my professional growth by always encouraging me to challenge myself, from managing large teams, to pitching new projects, and becoming more involved with the sales & strategic side of the business. No two days are the same and I continue to learn more about myself and the organization every year that passes.”

What helps in balancing your commitments between your job in Accedo and your career as a professional rugby player?

“What I value the most about working with Accedo is the flexibility to work autonomously and the deep trust formed between myself, my manager, the senior leadership team and my design team. Without this trust I wouldn’t be able to manage a (mostly) remote team, and maintain my commitments playing A grade sport. An important element of this balance is time management and prioritization, skills that Accedo has helped me perfect over the years. I also think that playing high level sport has helped me to become a better leader within Accedo. Through my years in Rugby League, I have learnt a lot about resilience, communication, goal setting and discipline, skills that I can pass onto others, not only in my rugby team but also my Accedo team. I am lucky to have a great support network in my colleagues, who allow me to maintain a work/life balance and allow me to be my authentic self in the work environment.”

We sat down with Paloma Santucci, a working mother who's been juggling her career and family life with grace. She had to face some tough challenges, but she remained focused and persevered.

Paloma Santucci

She shares how Accedo has aided her professional growth, as well as how she manages her time, and the importance of having a support system.

How has Accedo contributed to your professional growth?

“This year I will complete 10 years of Accedo and I feel very honored to have come this far with this great partnership. Accedo has always challenged me in my professional career and this is the best way it could contribute to my professional growth. I have been entrusted with building the Latin America region from scratch, based on a lot of trust and support, and I keep working to achieve our next goals together. During this period, I got to know different cultures, learned a new language, got great friends in the market and felt even more enthusiastic about the video market. All this experience, together with the support of my co-workers, made me a professional that I am proud of and I am very excited about the great challenges that we have ahead of us in the coming years.”

What do you consider most important as a working mother and how has Accedo aided in that area?

“Most people don't know, but the year 2022 was a particularly troubled year in my personal life. My father passed 2 weeks before my son was born, with a risky pregnancy, where I spent most of my time on absolute rest. The work pillar became fundamental for me to move forward with my goals and Accedo supported me in a beautiful way. I returned from my maternity leave with enthusiasm to reciprocate all the support and encouragement I had from the company and from my colleagues during this period.

The demands from work plus a baby at home has been a challenge, as most of the women from our generation face, but I believe in harmony between the two, where the importance of tasks is balanced and professional achievement is as rewarding as being a mother. Accedo played an important role in this moment, first with all the support and kindness provided, but also with the space that I needed to develop myself as a mother without questioning my professional capacity.”

We had a chat with Bleuenn Le Goffic, who started as a presales engineer but now holds a management position. She shares her secrets on how to stay motivated and what mindset helped her along the way.

Bleuenn Le Goffic

How has Accedo contributed to your professional growth?

“I joined Accedo 10 years ago as a presales engineer for the European region. When I joined, I got almost immediately the chance to define my own path, testing our new propositions with customers, new processes internally and got to learn from other departments thanks to my engineering background. I got the chance to work closely with the leadership team, being able to exchange with them on the future of the company and the market trends. I learned how to grow as a team member, as a people manager and now as a leader in areas I chose to pursue. It has never been about the training I got or the expertise I acquired, it has always been about my leaders showing me paths to develop myself beyond what I’d assume I would be doing in a job. Being trusted to have Accedo at the center of my focus.”

What advice would you give to women who wish to have a long-term career (in tech)?

“To have a successful long-term career in tech as a woman, it's important to focus on what you're good at rather than trying to fix what you're not good at. On a personal level, I need to be happy at work, and I am happy at work, when I thrive at what I am doing. So my advice is to find a role that allows you to thrive. This comes from knowing and understanding yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses and being bold. Don't be afraid to ask your people manager for help if you are having trouble figuring out what your strengths are. It's not always about getting a promotion, but rather finding what you excel at and making a valuable contribution in that area. Be confident in your abilities and ask for help if needed.”

We also had a lovely chat with Josie Li, an exceptional woman who has been with Accedo for over 8 years. She started her journey as a leader in the QA operation in her hometown of Hong Kong and has since taken on new challenges and opportunities, including a recent move to Toronto. She believes that there is no single solution for everyone, but there are endless possibilities waiting to be explored.

What message would you like to share with other women who may be considering a move for work or facing obstacles in their current career path?

“Everyone has different considerations and feelings in career development and moves. Even though there is no single solution for everyone, there can be a lot of possibilities; we never know. I encourage you to reach out and share your thoughts with your friends, mentor(s), and individuals in a similar industry; it will help in some way.”

How has Accedo contributed to your professional growth?

“Accedo has given me many opportunities to learn, grow and contribute throughout my eight and a half years journey here. Starting from an exciting journey in supporting and leading the QA operation from my hometown, Hong Kong, Accedo supported my relocation to Toronto in 2021, where I am continuing my journey and growth with my excellent colleagues and friends.”

If you ever feel stuck in your current career and wonder what else is out there for you, then you are bound to be interested in what Malin Hultgren has to say. Malin has been with Accedo for eight years and has experienced various areas of the business. She encourages women to try new things, keep their skill set up to date, and keep an open mind. Read on for some inspiring words that will help you navigate your career path.

How has Accedo contributed to your professional growth?

“During my eight years at Accedo, I've had the opportunity to explore various business and skill areas, leading to both personal and professional growth. I appreciate the trust given to me to enter uncharted territories; sometimes in pre-defined roles, sometimes in roles I could mold myself. I've been aiming to make a positive impact in the different areas I've encountered, and the breadth of Accedo's offerings is evident through my diverse experiences.”

What advice would you give to other women who are considering a career change and how can employers make the transition as smooth as possible?

“For women considering a career change, the advice is to try anything you can get your hands on, keep your skill set up to date and mind open by moving on to something new before you are asked to move. Employers can actively make the transition smoother by pitching new opportunities, even those that may not seem obvious at a first glance. I would also like to remind women to be their own best friend and encourage themselves like they would encourage a friend, who comes seeking support.”

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we honor and recognize the incredible achievements of women worldwide. Accedo is proud to have remarkable women who have excelled in their respective fields while prioritizing their wellness and balancing their personal and professional lives. We had the privilege to hear the inspiring stories of five women who have grown with Accedo and have been supported throughout their professional journeys. Nikki Perugini, Paloma Santucci, Bleuenn Le Goffic, Josie Li and Malin Hultgren have each faced their own challenges and have persevered, motivated by their passion for their work and their personal lives. Accedo's flexibility, trust, and support have enabled them to achieve their goals and grow as professionals, while also managing their personal commitments. They all highlight the importance of having a supportive network and balancing work and life. Their experiences serve as an inspiration to young women who aspire to pursue their passions and thrive both personally and professionally. Accedo is proud to have these women as part of its team and continues to support the growth of all its employees.


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