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How Android TV OS Make Pay TV Operators More Competitive

Carl Francis

Head of Operator Solutions

May 29, 2023


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As streaming services have grown in popularity and strength, Pay TV operators have set about reinventing themselves. Operators have the power to give viewers the best of both worlds. Although there are different routes that operators can go down to ensure they remain relevant, the Android TV operating system stands out for a number of reasons. In this blog, we’ll look at what those reasons are and explore how Android TV can help operators to become more competitive.

Access to the Google ecosystem 

Smart TVs with the Android operating system are extremely popular with consumers. Google recently announced that the number of devices running on Android TV h150 has exceeded 150 million. Seven out of the ten top smart TV brands, including TCL and Sony, now have Google smart TV models.

One of the biggest selling points for devices and smart TVs with the Android operating system is that it grants access to Google’s vast ecosystem. Viewers using Android TV devices can access all the mainstream streaming services as well as thousands of other apps and services available in Google’s app store. Being able to easily access a wide range of content and applications on the big screen is naturally incredibly appealing to consumers.

Another benefit of being part of the wider ecosystem is that users can integrate the Android TV device with other compatible Android-powered devices. Consumers can sync content and preferences so that they can switch between devices seamlessly. It’s also possible to integrate the Android TV device with Google’s smart home solution, giving consumers the seamless integrated experience that is highly desirable.

From an Android TV app development perspective, the operating system also allows developers to run, test and debug by enabling Android TV developer options. This is a critical part of the development process

Android TV’s sustainability strategy

Just as operators benefit from Android TV being part of a wider ecosystem, another less considered benefit of adopting Android TV may be its sustainability strategy. It’s clear from a recent report by McKinsey & Company that a growing number of consumers care deeply about this topic and when given the choice, many are increasingly choosing sustainable products over non-sustainable alternatives.

Google aims to decarbonize its electricity supply completely and operate on 24/7 carbon-free energy, everywhere, by 2030. It’s also collaborating with partners to achieve plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging. To reduce consumer energy consumption, Google is working to reduce the energy use of Android TV panel devices when in standby mode by an estimated 65%. It’s also increasing partner TV device longevity, to reduce waste, by providing OTA security updates for an additional year, for a total period of four years after launch.

Android TV’s efforts to be more sustainable could well give operators a competitive edge, if not now, then certainly in the not too distant future as consumer awareness increases and we near 2030.

Features of the Android TV Operator Tier

Operators naturally want to deliver a branded experience to customers and Android TV makes that possible without the costs associated with a full bespoke development. Using the Android TV Operator Tier Program, operators can customize the UX and add their branding elements to create a unique and personalized branded experience. 

Of course, it’s not just the ability to deliver a branded service that matters. When watching TV or streaming content, users expect a premium experience with advanced features. If operators want to be competitive, then they need to deliver an experience that stands out from the crowd. A key benefit of Android TV is Google’s sophisticated voice control functionality as well as access to Google Assistant. Viewers can use voice controls to control their TV and easily search and locate content. No more clunky on-screen keyboards operated by the remote control. Android TV devices also include a built-in Chromecast so users can effortlessly cast content from their Android phone to the big screen. Operators benefit not only from all of Android TVs features, but also from the regular updates and improvements that Google rolls out.

By adopting Android TV, operators can deliver a premium, feature-rich, branded service to consumers that incorporates broadcast channels, OTT services and third-party content, all with minimal development time and cost. By choosing Android TV, operators may also be able to appeal to consumers who are environmentally conscious. It’s the combination of all of these things that can help operators be more competitive, and remain relevant in the current market.  

As a long-standing player in the video service industry, and a certified Google partner, Accedo is well-positioned to help operators become more competitive by taking advantage of Android TV. Get in touch to find out more.

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