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An Introduction to Cloud Evolution for Video Providers

Bleuenn LeGoffic

VP Strategy & Business Development

March 14, 2022


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The last five years have seen a dramatic transformation of the infrastructure that supports video consumption. It is not just the user experience that keeps evolving but also the underlying structures that help facilitate video platform adoption. Video service providers have not only been challenged to keep pace with innovations in a competitive environment but they are also faced with cloud providers and technology vendors that are restructuring the media and broadcast landscape itself.

Drivers of change

These changes have partially been driven by a rise in demand and higher expectations from users, as well as increased competition from new services. However, a broader understanding of the value inherent to media archives has also come to the fore. The scope to stream not only new productions but also monetize a huge library of legacy content, has had far-reaching implications for the role of cloud-based infrastructure in the media sector. Video providers have been forced to transform their content portfolio, their growth strategy, and their understanding of the solutions and infrastructure available – and this is only the beginning.

From a deployment perspective, we have moved past the tipping point. A video streaming market study from Grand View Research reveals that the cloud accounted for more than 57% of the market share in 2020. The study goes on to highlight that video streaming platforms have turned to cloud-based solutions to handle large bandwidth and speed, explaining that “since cloud-based deployment is capable of handling more substantial data content, along with providing a better viewing experience, several streaming services providers have chosen this segment over on-premises.”

The specialist effect

New video platforms will need to keep up; not only with similar service models and expansive content portfolios but also with developments from cloud and technology providers themselves. The current market dynamics mean that continual transformation is the key to survival, but with video platforms expected to deliver so much to viewers in a consolidated package, how can they achieve this?

The technology to deliver premium video services is increasingly commoditized. In-house platform development cannot hope to compete with the agility of small-scale technology vendors that are leveraging the cloud to deliver faster solutions at an accessible price. This develops even further when combined with an open business model and an agility mindset, which allows for innovations and updates to be rapidly rolled out.

Rather than trying to specialize in multiple areas to optimize a service, it is important that video services leverage a large partner ecosystem facilitated by cloud-based architecture. AWS has quickly become a gold standard for comprehensive purpose-built media services, software, and appliances that support the transformation and delivery of content. Accedo’s SaaS platform, Accedo One, is built on AWS cloud services to ensure growth and scalability, as well as a wide range of integrations through an extensive partner marketplace. For more bespoke solutions, Accedo’s expert team of AWS certified engineers and solution architects work with content owners and TV operators to build, host, and manage impactful video solutions.

Four focus areas

Accedo’s partnership with AWS enables innovation within the wider video delivery landscape. From monetizing AR and VR features to creating personalized thumbnails that amplify the user experience for services. But with a host of integrations and options available, it can be helpful to define a clear strategy to leverage operational efficiency, consumer understanding, and technological innovation.

In an upcoming blog series, we will share use case examples and explore four key considerations for building a successful service and innovating over the long term.

  • Monetization – With a saturated market, how can video businesses make the most of their content and monetize their service effectively? You need to think about market trends, the type and format of the content you are offering, as well as the demographic you are targeting before leveraging the tools and models available.
  • Sustainability – Ensure that you have the right working ecosystem to enable sustainable products and services. Sustainability represents an ongoing journey rather than a destination, so you need to implement dedicated initiatives to tackle both environmental aspects as well as diversity and inclusion considerations.
  • Operational – Rethink and optimize business processes and operations, leveraging extensive global experience and an expert partner ecosystem. Identify and implement new emerging technologies into your service, to keep a competitive edge over time.
  • Experimentation Innovate by experimenting with new technologies, and explore the potential of customizing a ready-to-use video management platform. Tailor and augment the platform to suit your individual business needs with a personalized product roadmap.

AWS provides the foundation for rapid evolution so that video providers and content owners can concentrate on building a comprehensive video business strategy with support from Accedo. Discover more about how AWS and Accedo can help you build, grow, and innovate video streaming services at scale.

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